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Time to turn on log fireplace

Pictured are Joyce Hatton Buchanan, Sharon Hatton Mansak and the late Bill Hatton and his wife Thelma.

Pictured are Joyce Hatton Buchanan, Sharon Hatton Mansak and the late Bill Hatton and his wife Thelma.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and getting ready for winter. I’m never ready for cold weather. I even freeze sometimes in summer.

My grandson Chris Hatton came and turned on my fireplace for me. It looks like a big log fire and I love it.


My friend Bertha (Page) Dye called me yesterday to tell me happy birthday and it was a month early. That’s O.K. I’ll get another call. I’m glad to get a call anytime.

I’d like to say hello to Glendora Eldridge. I’m sure she is getting ready for winter and dreading the cold and the snow. She’s like me, she doesn’t get out much in the winter unless she has to.

I enjoyed getting a card from Shirley Breeding. I love her cards. I mailed her one today, but I didn’t make it. I’m not talented like her. She is such a thoughtful person. Wish we had more like her.

I am glad my friend Dorthy Tacket is going to the rec center and exercising. I guess I should be going too, but I can’t seem to have the time. I get out in my yard and walk and work outside and I love that in the summer and miss it in the winter. I guess I’ll hibernate.

BROTHERS — The late Clyde Hatton and Tommy Hatton stand in front of the old Marlowe Store.

BROTHERS — The late Clyde Hatton and Tommy Hatton stand in front of the old Marlowe Store.

I went to Food City on Friday to buy a few things and see who all I could see. It was good to see Helen Perry and talk with her. I hadn’t seen her in a long time. Our husbands worked in Virginia together till they retired. They rode together and were good friends. I forgot to say she is as pretty as ever.

I met some cousins in the store also that day, a bunch of the Vess and Ellis Howard’s family. I hadn’t seen them in a long time and we got to talk.

They were having a big sale at the store that day and I knew there would be a bunch of people there. I just went for the coffee, so I just wandered around to see who all I could see and I saw a lot. I enjoyed seeing them all and talking a lot.

It was a rainy day and I was in no hurry. I missed a lot of that while I was sick and I’m feeling real well now. I get tired quicker than I used to. I think that’s the mileage on me.

My sister Betty Tyree and I got out for a while and went to Arby’s for lunch. We enjoyed it. She’s the only sister I have left here now. I miss my two sisters we’ve lost. I’m glad I hear from my other two sisters. Joann Brown calls me and Betty every day and Judy calls and comes to visit when she can. We try to keep up with our four brothers who still live here, and we hear from Hillard in Florida.

I hope Rose Ballard is doing better and will take care of herself this winter and keep warm. I keep up with you in your news. I always look for Bennett Welch. I see so many people I know in his news and a lot of them are my family and friends. Keep it up, Bennett!

I’ve not heard much from Elzie Ray Hatton and his wife for a while. I hope they are doing all right. They are always doing something and working hard.

We’ve been having some good meetings at our church. Our men worked hard remodeling our church and it’s one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever seen. Some of our ladies have helped and we are proud of our people. We are getting a good crowd and we love our church.

We are having a cold day today. I think we have gotten spoiled with the nice warm days. I hope we have a lot more, but it is winter so get ready!

I’ll sure be glad when this election is lover with. Some of them have made a joke of it. It should be a serious thing and we should all vote if we are able.

My son Billy (Bill) came out for a visit and I always enjoy that. I always enjoy being with all my sons and their wives and their children and my friends. People just don’t visit like they did in the old days and I miss it. I guess I didn’t change with the times.

We are all getting excited about the wedding of my great-grandson, Beau Hatton, and Lauren Bird in November. They will be living next door to me. They are getting it ready.

I’d like to send a big hello to Vickie Underwood in Ohio. She is good to send me pictures and I like to get them.

It ’s about time for church and I better get out of here. May God bless all of you and I hope you will be in church somewhere if you are able.

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