Whitesburg KY

Time waits for no one

Happy Halloween everyone!

Time is passing so swiftly by. I’ve often heard that time waits for no one. Leaves are falling so fast without changing colors.

While traveling on the road where I live, I noticed a very pretty with a strip of golden trees for a short distance.

There have been a few posts of the beautiful foliage in the mountains that make me want to pack a bag and head that way again.

We had a couple of rather chilly nights. I still have three small tomatoes plants in pots that are still bearing so I’ve brought them in, trying to let them ripen.

I owe Ricky Caudill an apology as somehow I made a mistake and called him Ricky Hall. I wish I could have blamed The Mountain Eagle for the mistake. Actually, truth be told, since Ricky asked me to marry him when I get 85. I figured in today’s fast paced world, instead of me taking his name, I would throw the idea of him taking mine.

His idea not mine. Now you can quit laughing and finish reading.

Ricky’s son Steven Caudill and two of his friends stopped by for a surprise visit, and as I said, Ricky was really pleased. Steven works on a barge so he travels quite a bit.

Southern Ohio

I really enjoy the view from Ricky’s house. It is so peaceful sitting on the porch, away from everything and everyone.

Ricky’s four-wheeler is not running very good at the present time, and I know he misses taking his rides to the mountaintops to explore places. I hope someway he either gets this one fixed or there’s a way he can get another or a decent car, as he enjoys being able to go places.

This time of year once again brings thoughts of childhood so clearly of my grandma, Rosa Hall.

I can see her so plainly with her long apron full of apples as she would go to the backside of a mountain, someone’s orchard, and pick up apples. I can remember her taking a 25-pound Robin Hood Flour bag and filling it full of apples. Then somehow filling her apron and carrying them off the mountainside.

Granny made the best fried apples, or cooked them with a little sugar. This time of year Granny would fix cushaw. I think she boiled it for a little bit, and then baked it in the oven. Granny put a little sugar on it, along with butter. I don’t remember her fooling with pumpkins.

Oh, the times she would take me to pick up walnuts, hickory nuts, and beechnuts. I would give anything to taste something she called butternut, which was a long walnut.

If only there were more grandmas like I had growing up.

The children nowadays spend so much time with computers, iPads, tablets and high-tech gadgets in front of them, including my very young grandchildren. Cell phones have so much technical features you don’t need a computer.

My cell phone is a simple flip phone, and it doesn’t get service when I get very far from home. It satisfies me, as I don’t know how to use a smart phone or whatever they are called.

For the past few weeks I’ve been dealing something that is so hard to deal with. A friend of mine is facing a losing battle with that dreadful thing called cancer. It has only been a short time since she found out she had it, not quite a year. She has been as close as family to me. I am trying to be there for her and the family.

It is like I am losing a family member, except this time I am here in the midst. At least my brothers and sister were sudden, not a lingering illness to watch them fade away.

I really hope I have the strength to see the family through this ordeal, and retain the strength and health to help in anyway I can.

The medicine that I am taking from Australia seems to help somewhat as the nausea has subsided. I still can’t digest food, but I did eat a couple of bites of fish and kept it down. There’s so much I want to eat and will never be able to, as the nerves will never improve. They are damaged.

I can accept anything as long as the nausea and vomiting is gone. I will just have to accept there’s a very limited amount of different foods that my system can tolerate.

I have gained a few pounds, and it seems I have a little more energy. I am thankful for what I can do, but I still get tired very easy.

Les and Pat Wagner enjoyed spending time with family in their place in the mountains. One of these days I am going to hitch a ride with them, and have them drop me off at the motel in Whitesburg. I will be calling everyone I know to come to get me.

I’m just kidding. I did this before when Richie was alive, because I knew I could depend on him. My sister-in-law Wanda works so much that I wouldn’t want to bother her.

I need to call and check on Doyle and Betty Ison, and I hope Johnny and Ann Calihan are doing all right.

There’s something I want to share with everyone, but it will have to wait until next week.

Until next time.

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