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Tiny word with a big meaning

Well, here goes nothing. I have been thinking again, believe it or not.

I get to thinking about things which are in the distant past, and I, like most everyone else, start to using that tiny word that has a great big meaning.

Even while I was growing up I did the same thing, and right in the middle of my ‘ifs’ my dad would say, “And if a toad frog had wings he would fly instead of bumping his behind against the ground all of the time.”

I have to admit that he had a point, but I still do it just the same.

For instance, if we had known we were going to have a rough winter, would the people have gotten prepared for it, or would they discount this information and push their luck, as many did, only to panic when the bad weather set in?

It was utter confusion, not only here, but other places as well. In times long past, people prepared for the worst, hoping the preparations wouldn’t be needed.

But many times it was needed. They figured it was better to have things and not need them, than to need them and not have them.

In other words, it was better safe than sorry.

If people would slow down on the highways, there would no doubt be fewer accidents. If people would take notice of the dangers of drug abuse and have a little self-respect, we wouldn’t have such a drug problem in the United States, and fewer headstones added in our cem- eteries yearly.

If our young people would realize the need for a good education, there wouldn’t be so many dropouts. A good education is like a good friend, ‘priceless.’

If young people today were taught to respect other people, there would not be so much discord in our schools.

If we had more severe penalties in our justice system, there would no doubt be a drastic drop in the crime rate.

I suppose that is enough ‘ifs’ from the funny farm until next time.

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