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Tips for healthier eating

• Drink more water throughout meals to help feel fuller, quicker.

• Be careful with portions (one-half plate should be fruits and vegetables, one-fourth proteins and onefourth grains.)

• Take a long walk after a meal; it is good for digestion and will make you feel better.

• Cook healthy versions of traditional recipes by using resources such as eatbetteramerica.com and mypyramid.gov.

• Use whole grains instead of white for making bread, stuffing and pasta.

• Substitute applesauce for oil when making baked goods such as cookies and cakes.

• Use herbs instead of salt to add flavor to food.

• Adults should exercise 30 minutes a day, which can be divided into 10-minute segments if necessary.

• Use local produce whenever possible. It tends to maintain its nutrients longer than produce that has traveled long distances.

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