Whitesburg KY

Tips for parents

The new school year is upon us. I am excited to begin this new year at Jenkins Independent Schools. As the year begins I wanted to share some tips with our parents on how to make this the best school year ever.

1. Establish a morning routine that includes getting up early and at the same time each day. Laying out your child’s clothes, backpacks, and other items the night before will save you time in the morning. Practice your routine and figure out what works best for your family.

2. Establish a bedtime for your child that is appropriate for his or her age, and be consistent in making sure your child is going to bed at the assigned time. Lack of sleep leads to poor performance at school.

3. Attend all school functions including open house so you can meet your child’s teacher/s. Having a good rapport with your child’s teacher/s will lead to increased, frequent, and effective communication.

4. Set up an official study area and study time in your home. It is important students understand school includes homework. By designating an area where and a time when you expect your child to be studying the expectations will be met more often than not.

5. Discuss your children’s education daily. Make sure to ask them what they learned. It is also important to explain what your expectations are from your children academically and behaviorally. The more you communicate about your children’s performance the better they will perform.

These tips are very basic and common sense, but they can help you be a more successful parent and your children to be more effective students. The greatest gift you can give your children as a parent is to value their education and set expectations for their academic and behavioral performance. As always we appreciate your support of Jenkins Independent Schools and we are excited to work with our parents and students in making this the best school year possible.

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