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Mostly sunny

Took a trip to Big Foot country

Merry Christmas everyone!

I can’t keep from saying that as I have waited all year to say it! I must say this seems the shortest year I have ever known. It seems not long ago I put my Christmas decorations away! Now it could seem that short, simply because late in the summer I did fi- nally put some of Christmas Church Villages away!

I have actually thought about leaving them out year- round as they are beautiful.

My daughter Anna Nottingham finally said get out while the getting is good, as she doesn’t need me any more. Not really, as her husband Scott is off work this week. I may get baby Kyle withdrawal syndrome as I have become very attached to him and he loves me too.

Once again I found time to take a little adventure so I took a short trip up north to visit a friend and decided to spend the night. I was told that part of the country is known for Big Foot sightings.

I had to laugh as I slept in their granddaughter’s bedroom and she had stuffed frogs on the foot of her bed. I said well this is a new experience for me, going to Big Foot Country and sleeping with frogs.

Donna Davis, see what you miss by not running around with me? I bet Frieda Boggs Johnson would have enjoyed this trip.

Thanksgiving has come and gone and everything is a memory. It was a very good one at our house as my son was here and doing okay, plus two of my oldest daughter Kay’s children came, my granddaughter Jennifer and her husband Tommy Proctor and their 4-year-old son T. J., along with Jennifer’s brother Jamie Gray who is 18 years old, and my son Keith Ballard were all here.

Keith came a little before the others so he asked if he could help me. At first I said no, then I changed my mind and said yes, please, you can fill the eggs with the mashed yolks for deviled eggs, but wash your hands first. We both started laughing as that was what I always told the kids, “Wash your hands!”

We all had a good time together. My daughter Anna Nottingham, husband Scott, and children Sarah, Jessica, Katelyn and Mamaw’s baby Kyle spent Thanksgiving Day with Scott’s brother Bob and Marcia Nottingham since Anna wasn’t able to cook.

My daughter Angie Wiederhold wasn’t feeling well so she and my little sidekick Bennie didn’t come down. After everyone left I took a care package to them.

Friday morning when I woke up I was swollen so bad that I looked like a balloon in the Macy’s Parade, so I didn’t get out of the house. The shortness of the breath has returned so I guess it is back to the doctor I go. Southern Ohio

So now after my griping I hope everyone had a great time for Thanksgiving. I know that my brother Richie and Wanda Hall had a good time with plenty of food to share with their son Tracy Deaton and his wife Donna, along with my little special girl Kerstie, who are all living in West Virginia. Their son J. T. stopped by to be with his parents, then Wanda and Richie’s daughter Tina stopped with little Blayke who loves his Poppy but also loves Granny too. Blayke was tired so he kissed Granny Wanda and blew a kiss to Poppy Richie.

When I hear Richie talk of Blayke calling him Poppy, sometimes it doesn’t seem that my little brother should be a grandpa, then I realize that I have two great-grandchildren.

My brother Jerry Hall called and I wasn’t home and haven’t gotten back to him.

I talked to Polly Maucher for a little while, and she tells me that Frick and Frack really enjoyed their trip to New York. It seems that Frack (I believe I have the one right), Doug, likes New York so much that he might consider living there. I am just joking.

Frick and Frack did go to the “David Letterman Show”, but we had a bad storm in this area so it knocked out Direct TV here.

Polly said she couldn’t see them in the audience, but at least they can say they were there.

I really think it is wonderful these two brothers can get together and go places, now if they could get Polly to go with them.

Polly is getting so modernized that her family is about ready to carry picket signs! Polly even bakes Jiffy Mix for cornbread!

Polly’s son Roger came from St. Louis to visit her, and Polly thought she was going to fix something easy and fast for breakfast. She had several boxes of Bob Evans gravy, and she baked biscuits and opened up the boxes of gravy thinking no one would be the wiser. Not a word was said until her granddaughter got back home, then she told her mother that Grandma made gravy from a box.

Then she told Polly on the phone the same thing, so you can’t fool children when it comes to homemade goodness taste.

Gwen Huff Farmer spent Thanksgiving with her son Forest Farmer and his family in Arkansas. Gwen’s son Glen Farmer and his wife had their daughter for the holiday so Gwen made it back in time to see her granddaughter before she left.

Shirley Wells’s two daughters Loretta and Alice decided to brave the Black Friday sales. I bet this will be one trip they will be telling their kids and grandkids about for quite sometime.

I don’t think Shirley wants to go anymore as she got in on just a little bit of it. I bet Shirley puts in a bungee cord or two, maybe three, in her trunk instead of fishing equipment before she goes where the girls are, or maybe takes a delivery van instead of a convertible.

Vickie and I went to visit an older friend of mine who is in rehab for her legs, then we braved the rain and fog going on to the flea market called Treasure Isle, which was a wasted trip. I did buy a bag of apples and that was all.

Saturday afternoon I kept my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold since his mother had to work. It is hard to believe that Bennie will be 5 years old the last of January, and will be going to kindergarten next school term.

Bennie took the straw from his drink pretended it was a flute as he used his fingers and hummed ‘Hark The Herald Angels Sing,’ then he proceeded to do ‘Jingle Bells’ the same way, along with a few more Christmas carols as I joined in to sing as he hummed. He looked at me so seriously and said, “Mamaw, you are a good singer.”

I took Bennie to Burger King as he wanted something to go with a movie called ‘Happy Feet,’ then we stopped by the park for a little while. It was so nice to be able to do this in late November weather.

When Angie came to pick him up close to midnight. Bennie still wasn’t ready to go home as he wanted to sit on the porch swing and sing ‘Little Birdie.’

I guess I better bring this to a close until next time.

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