Whitesburg KY

Top students honored

Students at Jenkins Elementary School, Burdine Campus, named to the All A Honor Roll for the last six weeks of school are:

Sixth grade — Alyssa Newman, Reanna Elswick, Michaela Hardin and Charity Niece.

Fifth grade — Brandon Little, Aron Bartley, Melissa Bartley, Brady Caudill, Whitney Creech and Emily Johnson.

Fourth grade — Lindsey Belcher, Jaley Caudill, Vivian Caudill, and Matthew Jessey.

Named to the A & B Honor roll are:

Sixth grade — Chase Hampton, Arissa Vanover, Katie Branham, Shane Hall, Austin Phipps, Josh Rose, Brittany Sexton, and Nick Williams.

Fifth grade — Austin Bentley, Katie DePriest, Kaytlin Mosley, Erica Sexton, Lindsay Trotter, Sara Back, Brook Hampton, Samantha Handshoe, and Josh Rose.

Fourth grade — Braiden Addington, Alfred Honeycutt, Cameron Moore, Heaven Parker, Justin Phipps, Dallas Simon, Cody Snell, Toni Smith, Destiny Murphy, Lisa Morgan, Glen Johnson, and Jaden Collins.

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