Whitesburg KY

Top students named

Students named to the second nine weeks Honor Roll at Jenkins Middle High School are:

Sixthth grade 4.00 grade point average — Madison Church, Hannah Damron, Laken Graham, and Sara Jones

3.00-3.99 GPA — Ethan Bailey, Chloe Branham, Kinlee Breeding, Marc Jones, Abigail Kelly, Shawn Phillips, Racheal Popp, Isabella Stanley, Jacob Sykes, Kyleigh Tolson, Lindsay “Hope” Vanover, Makeilah Wright, and Caiden Yonts.

Seventh Grade 4.00 GPA — Adrian Canter, Ryan Church, and Alyssa Fields.

3.00–3.99 GPA — Kaleigh Cook, Kassie Evans, Cadence Firth, Hallie Fleming, Noah Fleming, Ezekiel Maggard, Alexis Richie, Nathan Richie, and Zachary Stiles.

Eighth Grade 4.00 GPA — Lynsey Anderson, Kadence Branham, Madison Canter, Ashley Holbrook, Delaney Johnson and Jericha Ratliff.

3.00-3.99 GPA — Lauren Bailey, Larry Byrd, Summer Charles, Rileigh Damron, Serenitee Doderer, Keira Isaac, Camron Johnson, Jacob Kelly, Caleb Morgan, Katelin Mullins, Baleigh Roberts, Kaysee Sexton, Blake Sykes, Brianna Turner, and Daniel Wright.

Ninth Grade 4.00 GPA — Austin Johnson, Madison Polly, and Savannah Wright.

3.00-3.99 GPA — Noah Anderson, Mason Ballou, Mallory Boggs, Laura Collins, Mackenzie Elswick, Skylee Howard, Celica Loots, Landon Moore, Abigail Mullins, Savannah Mullins, Skylar Ooten, Jonathan Potter, Lindsey Rose, Joshua Wagner, and Chase Wiseman.

Tenth Grade 4.00 GPA — Paul Breeding, Makala Stambaugh, Jerrica Thacker, Kristin Thacker, and Mickey Ward.

3.00-3.99 GPA — Caden Baker, Megan Baker, Abigail Bentley, Arianna Bentley, Jimmy Hall, Marlee Hall, Jasmine Holyfield, Shannon Matney, Landon Mullins, Raina Ratliff, Hannah Robbins, Brady Rose, Kenneth Sexton, and Carlos Villanueva.

Eleventh Grade 4.00 GPA — Jacob Bentley, Katelynn Breeding, Caitlin Eldridge, Jacob Nickels, and Jeremy Potter.

3.00-3.99 GPA — Trinity Beauparlant, Nicole Cook, Lily Grace Gibson, Chelsea Kelly, Sierra Mullins, Gabriel Polly, and Marshall Gage Wiseman.

Twelfth Grade 4.00 GPA — Shannon Cowden, Alyssa Rose, Breaunna Rose, and Josh Wright.

3.00-3.99 GPA — Jacob Ballou, Jordan Bates, Alex Belcher, Keiley Bentley, Lance Bentley, David William Brummitte, Ethen Cummings, Makayla Elswick, Gavin Fields, Chad Fleming, Sophia Hampton, Shawn Laughary, Alexis Lowe, Gabriel Moore, Courtney Mullins, Jacob Polly, Hannah Slone, Jasmine Smith, Jah-Kaya Templier, Dakota Trotter, and Cheridan Wolford.

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