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Top students named

Students at Jenkins Middle/ High School named to the A All Honor Roll for the fourth six weeks of school are:

John Bartley, Tyler Branham, Hillary Brashear, Kevin Brashear, Katie Church, Corey Collins, Sarah Corbett, Erica Creech, Allison Goodson, Justin Hunsucker, Michael Kelly, Tameka Kirby, Matthew Little, Billy Mullins, Courtney Mullins, Jessica Mullins, Samantha Mullins, Tamara Potter, Brook Puckett, Nicole Revis, Kayla Stambaugh, Nathaniel Wilder, Ashley Wright, Erica Wright, and Justin Wright.

Students named to the A-B Honor Roll are:

Alex Addington, Sarah Belcher, Hannah Blair, Dixiana Bowling, Matthew Corbett, Matthew Edwards, Ali Goff, Eric Grimm, Ashley Hipps, Cody Holland, Brooke Hollenbeck, Brittany Johnson, Hope Lucas, Heather Maggard, Joshua Potter, Christopher Puckett, J.W. Revis, Koty Sexton, Lauren Sparks, Stephen Stephens, Emily Walker, and Brooke Webb.

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