Whitesburg KY

Top students named

Jenkins Elementary School has named students to the honor roll for the third six weeks of school.

Those named to the All A Honor Roll are:

Fourth grade: Trinity Beauparlant, Jacob Bentley, Jonathon Branham, Katie Breeding, Tristin Cantrell, Caitlin Eldridge, Tamara Isom, Anthony Newman and Lindsey Tackitt.

Fifth grade: Keiley Bentley, Trevor Hardin, Breaunna Rose and Josh Wright.

Sixth grade: Sammuel Bentley, Makayla Briggs, Lauren Hampton and Emily Knight.

Those named to A/ B Honor Roll are:

Fourth grade: Jack Anderson, Ethan Back, Caleb Bentley, Chelsea Kelly, Reece Pennell, Gabriel Polly, Payton Rose, Kaya Trotter and Branson Weddington.

Fifth grade: Colton Bowling, Chad Fleming, Sophia Hampton Shawn Laughary, Alexis Lowe, Emma Maggard, Gabriel Moore, Cody Mullins, Seianna Polly, Alyssa Rose, Madison Sergent and Cheridan Wolford.

Sixth grade: Crystal Bailey, Austin Endicott, Braydyn Fleming, Emilee Fleming, Kayla Handshoe and Tyler Stanley.

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