Whitesburg KY

Tornadoes cause concern for our folks in the South

We had a concern for our folks in the South. That map looked bad for a lot of them. We are thankful to learn they are all okay. A tornado did hit two or three blocks from Kathy LaMonte in Mississippi, but she, her sisters and all their families, escaped damage.

The street where her granddaughters attend day care was hit severely. However, it hit the playground, then lifted up, passed over their building, and hit down again on the other side. They had already picked up Emma and Ava.

Virginia Brown had her 92nd birthday recently. She spent part of the day digging in her flowerbed. Most of the day she was on the phone with many calls from her family and friends. Cowan

A few days earlier, her nieces, Thelma Ison, Anna Yonts, Linda Lucas and Carol Caudill, took her and myself to Pine Mountain Grill to celebrate both birthdays.

Charles and Faye Banks had a nice visit from her stepson Steve Adams and his grandson Slater. They live in Battletown, outside of Louisville. They enjoyed having them so much. Steve also attended church with them.

Charles went to Lexington for a CAT scan, and everything came back negative. He is doing much better. Faye is going to be a great-grandmother again. Her granddaughter Shenna is expecting a little girl in September.

Faye’s granddaughter-inlaw had a heart attack last week. She had a stent put in at Central Baptist Hospital. She is home now, but still needs prayer.

This week was Little Dove’s church time. They had a good crowd Saturday night and Sunday. Verdell Sturgill preached Saturday night, and John Bedwell preached Sunday. Both preached wonderful sermons.

John had a cookout Sunday afternoon, and invited everyone from church who could attend. He and his wife Rae prepared a wonderful meal, and everyone enjoyed it very much. Everything was delicious. Everyone appreciates them for having the cookout.

Services are held every Sunday starting at 11 a.m., and everyone is welcome to come and worship.

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