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Touching on the justice system

After having watched the courts of our land in action for quite some time, I would like to take just a moment to touch on the subject just a little.

For one thing, as I have said before, there are far too many loopholes in our justice system. Criminals have more rights than do the victims.

Even in our lower courts there is much to be desired because the only prerequisite for getting a warrant, EPO or restraining order is to be a good liar. I know it may sound ridiculous and expensive, but if a plaintiff had to take a poly in order to acquire either one of this, I doubt if very many could come even close to passing one. It could be expensive, but by the same token our court docket would be cut by 60 or 70 percent because of the cut in trivial nonsense which overloads our court dockets.

The “so help me God” in the path of court participant means about or less than the “ I do” in many marriages today, because perjury runs rampant in our courts. As far as lawyers go, it doesn’t matter if a lawyer is 100 percent sure that his client is guilty, it is still his job to plant to seeds of doubt in the minds of a jury to get a not guilty verdict. Nobody can be tried more than once for the same offense, even if they admit guilt at a later date.

DNA is the finest ID marvel to ever be discovered and I believe in it completely just as I do with fingerprints. Even if a body has been embalmed there are several ways to detect such things as DNA and poisons. The human body, whether dead or alive, will give up secrets unheard of in the distant past because of modern technology through hair, teeth, bone marrow, fingernails and so forth

And that’s all from the funny farm till next time.

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