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Tourism group did a good job on the Letcher County Visitors Guide


Hello everyone. I hope all had a good Memorial Day weekend. I hope by the time Wednesday comes around that we are in better weather. This past week started out hot and went cold for the weekend. I don’t mind rain but I sure missed the sunshine.

I made an error in last week’s column. My greatnephew’s name is Lincoln Snyder. I put the wrong name down. Lincoln is five months old and a cutie. Lincoln is learning that Greataunt Marty makes mistakes.

I was glad to see that Letcher County Tourism published the Letcher County Visitors Guide. This was an interesting read. The tourism group did a good job.

The birthdays for June are: June 1 – Stella Sigrest Barnett; June 2 – Katie Wenning Fullenkamp; June 3 – Morgan Watkins, Charlene Tacket Mason; June 5 – Bob Campbell, Myles Marr; June 7 – Carla Smith; June 9 – Melinda Barton Lucas; June 11 – Jill Kent; June 12 – Nanetta Dingus; June 13 – Marsha Banks; June 17 – Verna Rayburn; June 18 – Beth Yonts Hawk, Jim Yonts; June 20 – Madison Raibley; June 22 – Charlie Little; June 24 – Brandon Garrett; June 25 – Ella Fields Caudill, Ed Pitts; June 26 – Jack Banks; June 28 – Skylar Mefford; June 29 – Candice Hoskins McGeorge, Jenna Lee Anne Bleemel; June 30 – Janis Campbell Marr, Kristi White, Jeramy Banks.

My brother John Campbell, Mike, and I ate at Pine Mountain Grill for breakfast one morning. While there we saw a cousin, Carl B. Banks. It was good seeing him. It probably had been a year since we had seen him.

Kevin and Tina Wenning of Coldwater, Ohio spent several days in the Smokey Mountains. They had some nice photos they shared on social media. Kevin did some hiking on the Appalachian Trail while there. Mike and I had hoped to get there while they were in Tennessee but it didn’t work out.

Brad and Becky Wenning of New Paris, Ohio came in for the weekend. It was good having them here. Brad had his 35th birthday while he was here. I wished it hadn’t rained all weekend but we had a good time being together.

Michael Campbell of Newport and Myles Marr of Berea came in for a few days. They visited John Campbell of Little Cowan and Glen Brown of Whitesburg.

Mike Marr and children Addy, Tucker, and Campbell of Berea came in for a night. They came to pick up Myles. They visited John Campbell of Little Cowan and Glen Brown of Whitesburg. Janis and Anna weren’t able to come in for the trip. Mike and children came over to visit us on Sunday. They love playing with CAT. Cami kept trying to catch CAT. She did manage to pet him one time. CAT wasn’t certain what to do about Cami as he knew she wasn’t an animal but she didn’t walk like humans. CAT kept moving away from her. It was fun to watch.

Joe Stamper of Lexington came in for a few days. He did some weed-eating at their place. The rain delayed some of his work plans. It was good seeing him.

John, Myles, Joe, Brad, Becky, Mike and I had a cookout in John’s driveway on Saturday evening. It was too wet to go to Town Hill. Just as the food finished cooking, the rain came back and we moved to the porch. We had a good time sitting around talking. Family time is always good.

Mike and I did drive to Halcomb’s Dairy in Isom one evening. He had a hot fudge sundae and I had a walnut sundae. I have to say it was a delicious walnut sundae. The next time we’ll remember to get John a peanut butter milkshake.

On Sunday afternoon, CAT slept over four hours on my lap. I didn’t enjoy sitting that long but I didn’t want to wake him up. Luckily my computer and phone were by me so I played on them. CAT is so cool.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Janice Wolod, Donna Watts, and Janis Marr. is week’s quote is attributed Th to Ray T. Bennett: “Always find opportunities to make someone smile, and to offer random acts of kindness in everyday life.”

If you have any news, please email CowanNews@aol.com. Thanks. Have a wonderful week and I’m hoping the cold weather is gone for several months. Stay safe.

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