Whitesburg KY

Tourists making their way to Bardstown


Hello this week from our little corner of the world. Town has almost settled down as the Bourbon Festival ended and waves of people left town.

As they left a second group has come through, our annual tourists who enjoy our little town and wish to avoid the crowds associated with the festivals. Once the Christmas lights go up on our historic district of Third Street, which is the street that goes through the main area of town and has all of the shops and businesses along with several fast food restaurants, groups will come back to see the sights and some to ride the Old Kentucky Dinner train to have a meal and see areas of Bardstown that only the train can access.

Most of the locals don’t partake of this as it is quite expensive even though the prices vary at different times throughout the year.

Bardstown schools are out on fall break this week and the kids are anxious to get back to their normal routine as they were off the previous week for intercession.

We were finally given a bit of relief in the weather when it finally rained after 20+ days without precipitation on Friday. The weekend was sunny and beautiful after the rain.

Jerrica texted me and I picked her up from her dad’s to go to church. Brother Jeff and his wife Gayle had experienced a death in the family so we had a guest preacher. He was very interesting, Rev. Bill Johnson, who is also formerly of Letcher County.

On rare occasions I do run into people who are from the area, but they are few and far between. He and I had a pleasant conversation and we had a very nice church service.

A new couple that had moved here from Shepherdsville visited the church also.

After dropping Jerrica back off to finish out her weekend with her dad, it was time to take Bernard to practice with his bowling league. He is improving quite well as they prepare for their first tournament in Jeffersontown on Oct. 25. He was very excited that he bowled a 121 on his highest game. He even asked the girl behind the counter to print a copy of the scores for him.

Our neighbor Elaine found new baby kittens in her shed. Unsure to whom the cats belong, she put them in a box with warm towels and blankets to keep them toasty. Luckily our temperatures will be warming up for the rest of the week.

It has been a very busy week around town. Businesses are beginning preparations for the annual arts and craft festival on Oct. 11. Fall is definitely here, you can tell by all the festivals.

Last week Bernard spent a few days in Liberty with his grandparents, Chester and Verna Rayburn, where he attended the Apple Festival.

This week’s prayer list includes the family of Jeff and Gayle Griggs, Larry Burton (recent surgery), my mother in-law Sharon Smith, Anna Pile, Jo Ann Brown, Danny Huff, Marshall “ Marty” Simpson, Irma Livers, John Rayburn, Larry Luvisi, Barry and Linda Adams, Jewell Tipton, Becky Gordon, Jim Hardesty, June Clark, Melvena Mattingly, and Marilyn Shouse.

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