Whitesburg KY

Traffic, rain, time take toll on Cowan Road


Hello everyone – I hope the rain didn’t affect everyone. Those who were affected, I hope you didn’t have severe damage. I saw where bridges were washed out. We were stopped in the road construction on Cowan. Traffic, rain, and time sure took a toll on the road.

Mike, John and I took a ride in side-by-side up the Gas Well Road and to Town Hill. It was nice. We saw a few folks up there just enjoying the serenity. As we came off the hill, we saw where someone had thrown out their trash. There were broken toys piled up. I hope this disregard for the beauty of our mountains stops. We have to keep it clean.

Tori Akers of Talbot, Tennessee, and her daughters,

Callie and Ella, came in for spring break. They visited Tori’s parents, John and Barbara Banks of Cowan. Tori, Callie, Ella, John and Barbara went to the Breaks Interstate Park one day. It was cold but beautiful and they had a good time. Spring break in the mountains is wonderful.

Pat and Marilyn Banks of Edinburgh, Indiana came in to visit family. It was good seeing Marilyn. I didn’t see Pat.

Ella Caudill, Helen Roberts, and Juanita Caudill spent a few days in Asheville, North Carolina. They had a great time and the weather was beautiful. They had some nice pictures posted on social media.

Laura Harris came in for the weekend to visit her parents Bob and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan. Ramona had to have a procedure done. I didn’t get to see Laura on this trip but we did text each other.

Feel better wishes are being sent to Mike Harris of Tinsley, Mississippi, and Ramona Caudill of Little Cowan.

The April birthdays are: April 2 – Carol Ison; April 3 – Stephanie Caudill-Walker, Brittney Bates Sturgill; April 5 – Samantha Calloway; April 6 – Maguana Carhart Qualls, Gretta Newsom; April 7 – Doris Jean Banks; April 8 – Shannon Bentley; April 9 – Vincent Fields; April 10 – Pat Andry; April 11 – Rebekah Bates; Joe Brown; April 13 – Stacy Fields; April 14 – Caron Crawford Mc- Cracken, Emily Campbell; April 15 – Karen Andry, Danny Adkins; April 16 – John Campbell; April 17 – Victoria Watts; April 18 – Keith Callahan; April 19 – Morgan Eldridge, Lorraine Stewart ; April 21 – LeeAnna Mullins; April 23 – David D Fisher; April 24 – Angie Watts Callahan, Bridget Banks; April 25 – Susan Stamper; April 27 – Joy Ison, Bradi Rayburn; April 28 – Missy Amburgey Crovetti; April 29 – Randy Brown; April 30 – Susan Campbell Ware.

The quote of the week is attributed to Laura Ingalls Wilder: “Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.”

I hope you don’t get pranked on April Fool’s Day.

Have a good week. I’m hoping warm weather arrives soon and we can celebrate spring weather. Enjoy your Easter weekend.

If you have any news please email cowannews@aol.com. Thanks.

Stay safe and wear a mask.

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