Whitesburg KY

Training classes offered for Civil War reenactment

The Battle of Leatherwood Reenactment Committee will host two Schools of the Soldier this spring. Jim Lawlis will conduct one on April 11, and the 5th KY Volunteer Infantry will conduct one May 16-17. Participants are encouraged to bring a uniform, but it is not required. A muzzle-loading firearm is necessary for drill and safety instruction. These classes provide training for participants in the Battle of Leatherwood to be held Oct. 24 and 25.

The April 11 school will cover how to make rounds, how to load, fire and clean a musket, safety issues, the Manual of Arms (various positions to hold a musket), and platoon and company drills. There will be a lecture on local history, and a question and-answer session. Handouts with sources of uniforms, equipment, etc., and a list of regional events will be available.

Lawlis’s school will be held in Cornettsville at the General Store on the Leatherwood battlefield from 9 am to 4 p.m. Lunch will be provided. Women are invited, but must disguise their gender on the battlefield. Registration is required to provide an adequate number of lunches. To register on line, visit www.battleofleatherwood.com and click on “registration form” on the menu, email Johnny Pearl Back at jonback@setel.com, or call (606) 633-3331.

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