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Travel takes pretty out of snow

SNOW FUN — Pam Banks and her daughter Haley were busy for two days building a snow fort. They say they hope to add more to the fort with snow forecast for this week.

SNOW FUN — Pam Banks and her daughter Haley were busy for two days building a snow fort. They say they hope to add more to the fort with snow forecast for this week.

Do any of you Mountain Eagle readers out there feel as if you didn’t get your fair share of snow? If so, I would gladly share with you if it were possible. But since it isn’t, I will just have to keep it, I guess.

It sure is mighty pretty and makes everything look nice and clean, but I sure do wish the ground would quit bouncing up and hitting me in the behind because I sure am getting awful sore. Maybe if I had a pair of shoes with metal studs in the soles it would help, but no doubt I would fall over something anyway.

As I have said many times before, I am and always have been as clumsy as an ox in a china shop, because if I don’t break something going in I am sure to wreak havoc coming out. But I am just the way the good Lord made me, and nothing more. I certainly don’t pretend to be something other than what I am.

Come to think of it, there are people out there running loose in society that a feller could make a fortune off of simply by buying them for what they’re worth and reselling them for what they think they’re worth. Oh well, it was a good idea anyway.

Well, back to my original subject, or should I say topic. If you are looking at all this white stuff through a windowpane, it makes a real pretty picture, but when you have to try to travel in it, it takes all the pretty out of it except for the little tykes, and they love it.

I loved it also when I was a youngster, but I’m not a youngster anymore. Maybe this winter weather we are having will make us appreciate the good, hot weather of summer.

My ideal temperature range during the summer is between 70 and 85. I breathe better in that range, but when it gets above 85 I start having problems that I don’t need.

During the cold and damp weather of winter, my COPD is worse and I ache where I didn’t even know I had places to ache.

I guess about all deliveries have and are having their own problems at this time, especially the water and fuel services, and the garbage pickup is hindered too.

Right now I can’t even get my garbage down to the pickup point, and that reminds me of something. There are many diabetics out there like myself, so you if don’t have a Sharps container to put your used syringes in, please don’t just toss them in the nearest trashcan. If you have nothing else, an empty pop bottle works pretty well.

Those guys picking up the garbage are out there trying to take care of their families just like the rest of us, and many times a bag of garbage is much too heavy to simply grab it with one hand and toss it up into the truck. So they must place one hand under it to get the necessary leverage to toss it up into the truck and that move is where it is so dangerous about getting jabbed with a discarded needle.

So, before you toss it into a trashcan, take a moment to consider the safety of those, because it is not about getting jabbed with a discarded needle; God only knows what diseases could be on that needle that was so carelessly discarded. So for once in your life, think of someone besides yourself.

I’ll leave you with this little punch. It seems there was a new preacher at a small country church. An old timer hadn’t been to church since he had arrived, so he decided to go and hear him. As the services were ending, the preacher was making his way among the congregation with a collection container saying, “Give to the Lord, give to the Lord.”

When he came to the old timer he repeated, “Give to the Lord,” to which the old timer responded, “ If it’s alright with you, I’m apt to see Him before you so, so I think I’ll just wait and give it to Him myself.”

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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