Whitesburg KY

Traveling back through time

If I could travel back through time and see things as I did then, here is what I may see as I sit on my porch in my swing:

Over in the corner of the yard under a big sycamore tree are a little boy and girl playing in the mud where there didn’t used to be any. The little boy is pushing a small toy car through the mud and making sounds to imitate being stuck in the mud, while the little girl is making mud pies.

They have been at it for several hours, and ever so often the little girl tries to get the boy to take a bite of one of her mud pies, but without any luck. So she goes into the house and returns with a cookie cutter to make her mud pies look more like cookies. But the boy still refuses to sample any.

The girl has on a flowered feed sack dress, which by now has a lot of extra flowers on it. She finally gives up on getting the boy to sample any of her mud cookies, so she gets her doll and starts walking it through the mud. Pretty soon you can’t tell what color it is supposed to be.

Eventually they both tire of what they were doing and start stomping in the mud with their bare feet, letting it squish up between their toes. They do this for awhile and then begin throwing the mud at each other.

Just when it looks as if things couldn’t get any worse, their mother catches them at it and orders them to wash it off and get ready for lunch. So they get the garden hose and start spraying each other with it. After awhile they look like drowned rats, but succeed in getting the mud off.

Over in the other side of the yard, some boys and girls are having a game of horseshoes with rubber shoes. They are pretty good at it in a roundabout way, and it does occupy their spare time and keeps them out of mischief. The rubber shoes also cut down on the hurt on the shin bones, but they still do the high jump every time one of the rubber shoes roll toward them.

In the center of the yard another group of boys and girls are playing dodge ball, and getting a lot of good exercise. Every time a player gets hit, that person has to throw the ball at the others with a thrower for each direction. Eventually all players will have to take a turn as a thrower and try to hit someone else.

When lunch is ready they all gather at a picnic table to chow down. While this may seem like a fairy tale, it’s actually the way kids used to have fun, and these were neighborhood children who got along with each other and had a lot of fun with each other without their parents having to worry and wonder where they were.

And there were no drugs or other vices to deter them from having a good time.

Just as I do here at the funny farm.

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