Whitesburg KY

Treasure hunt turns up knife


I forgot to write a column last week. I think I’m a little absentminded lately, but we were also out of town.

Bob, Don and Coreen Pridemore, Liberty and Noah Campbell and myself all spent a few days last weekend at Barren River State Park. Mom and I walked the banks around the lake treasure hunting. She looked for fishing lures, etc., and found a few, and a Case pocket knife that Dad cleaned up and claimed.

I love to look for fossils and unusual rocks. Noah and Liberty searched the beach with a metal detector, but didn’t turn up any valuables.

Noah took his bike and he rode the bike trail, and we walked the trail. We enjoyed good meals, playing Rook and rummy and being together.

Sickness has gripped the area. Whether it be flu, pneumonia, bronchitis or a stomach virus, it has hit many of our family and friends and has put so many in the hospital.

These are just those I know have been sick, but I’m sure there are many more: Dock Adams, Ila Adams, Terry Caudill, Betty Campbell, Alma Fields, Billy Dean Caudill, Astor Blair, Margaret Bowling of Doty Creek, Sterlin and Mertie Caudill, Evangene Adams, Renee Campbell’s mother Hazel, and so many more.

Doctor offices and hospitals have been full, and some have gone to neighboring hospitals to find a bed.

Hope this flu moves out of the area soon. It’s so hard on children and the elderly. Prayers for all who are sick.

Many in the communities have also had a lot of sorrow and grief lately. We have lost so many to death.

Kevin Stamper lost his life in a car accident and his service was held at Blair Branch Church. He was only 42.

Louetta Dixon died suddenly after being taken from the nursing home to the hospital. Her service was held at Mount Olivet, and sympathy to her sister Rachel and all the many nephews, nieces and other family.

Pauline Jent, Earl Combs and Vada Caudill have also died since I wrote last. So much sorrow and broken hearts starting off in the New Year.

Vada suffered a major stoke at the nursing home and couldn’t recover from it. She was always a friendly person and would have a smile when you saw her at the nursing home. Sharon took good care of her mother and she, Ralph, Mitchell Dole, Jeannie Ann and Tim will miss their mother, as will their families.

Our sympathy to all the families who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

Sorry to have so much sickness and death to write about this week. Take care of yourselves, and hope the weather doesn’t turn off too cold as it being predicted for this week.

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