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Partly sunny

Treasure time spent with family

Big Cowan

Hello everyone. Hope all had a good Thanksgiving.

We were debating on going to Indiana. We decided to stay home and fixed Thanksgiving dinner. My husband and my brother Archie were able to come, and my sister Kathy and husband Eddie. My son Mike and Melinda stopped in later as they had dinner with her dad. They took a plate home with them for supper.

We all had a great time and were glad we were able to celebrate together. Family is very important so treasure every minute you have with them.

Bill Maggard has been in the hospital twice in one week. His lungs are really bad. Keep him and Agnes in your prayers.

Vernon Caudill died in Indiana shortly after his daughter Roberta died. Keep that family in prayer.

Birthdays this week are: Grant Fields (son of Astor Jr. and Judy Fields) will be 36 on Nov. 29; Ina Griffie and Kathy Mullins, both on Nov. 29. Della Maggard had a birthday Nov. 20. Late happy birthday to her.

Mary Lou Turner died three years ago on Dec. 1 and is still missed by all who knew her.

Melinda Daniel will be 41 on Dec. 3. Happy birthday to her.

Wonder how many rushed out for the Black Friday sale. Sure wasn’t me. I for one did not have the money and another, would not fight the crowds for it. I used to work on that day at Walmart in Greensburg, Ind., and it was a mad house. Only a few items per store, people fighting over the hot items. Not a pretty sight. So this year I kept my dog on the porch. LOL.

Christmas is just around the corner. Not ready for that either. Got to get busy for it.

At noon on Saturday, Dec. 22, the Haymond Pen- tecostal Church will be giving away clothes and toys for the needy only. Must have a child present. Hot chocolate will be provided.

Talked to Bill Maggard on Sunday. He sounds good.

Keep Audrey and Charles Hammonds in prayer.

Woke up to a very cold and frosty morning on Sunday. The sunshine is kinda deceiving — looks real warm but when you walk out the cold hits you in the face.

Glad to hear Sylvania Whitaker is getting stronger a week after her kidney transplant. Keep her and Allen in prayer.

My nephew Thomas Wolfe and one of the staff workers will be going to Florida on Monday. Hope he has a good time and glad he gets to go places.

Late happy anniversary to Elwood and Kathy Cornett. I was gonna go to their 50th anniversary party and let it slip my mind. I am getting forgetful and if I don’t write things down I forget.

Haven’t heard a lot of news this past week so I guess everyone is doing well. Keep all your friends and neighbors in prayer. Have a good week and may God bless you. Until next time, smile.

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