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Treats for doing right in Jenkins

Do what’s right and you might get a free ice cream.

Jenkins Police Department will soon begin handing out coupons for various “prizes” in the Jenkins community to drivers who are obeying the law.

Police will mainly reward drivers for wearing seatbelts and for having children properly restrained in carseats and boosters. Drivers could also be rewarded for coming to a full stop at stop signs, traveling at the designated speed limit while other drivers are driving faster and obeying other traffic rules.

Jenkins Police Chief Jim Stephens is calling the project “Catch Them Doing Something Right Campaign”.

“We want to help raise awareness of using seatbelts and child safety seats,” said Stephens.

Stephens said Letcher County has a low rate of seatbelt usage and a high rate of injuries and fatalities resulting from vehicle accidents.

Stephens also wants the campaign to foster better relationships between the police and the community.

“Most of the time when people are pulled over it’s negative,” said Stephens. “We want to show them there are positive interactions with police.”

Stephens said teenage drivers could receive coupons for items at King’s Dairy Bar, Cavalier Drugstore or Giovanni’s Pizza. Adults might get coupons for items at the Jenkins IGA Grocery Store or The Flower House.

Stephens said he is still asking for donations from Jenkins businesses.

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