Whitesburg KY

Tree damages trailer, carport


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well and staying dry. We’ve had a lot of rain. That’s better than snow — it doesn’t ice up my road.

I want to apologize for my long, boring news last week. I wrote it a little at a time and didn’t realize it that was much.

I got a call from Flora Grey in Louisville. She is trying to get in touch with an old friend, Betty Frank Howard, who lived in this area. She thought we were relatives. There are a lot of us, but I don’t think we knew her. If you know her, give me a call. She would be in her late 70s.

It was so good talking to Martha (Dixon) Burns the other day. I love keeping in touch with the Blackey people. I was born there a long time ago.

Annabel Wright and I had a long talk a few days ago. We always have a lot to say. I love her. She was so good to my husband Clyde. She made him laugh.

Linda (Pennington) Hall is out of the hospital at Pikeville and didn’t have to have surgery like we thought. I’m sure glad of that.

I was so glad to get back to Bible study at Dairy Queen. I missed three times because of weather. I really look forward to it and so does my little friend Minerva Griffith.

We’ve had some problems here. A big tree fell on our trailer and carport on our property. But we got it fixed up. We called Don Bentley and he and his sons did a great job. It looks better than ever. I can certainly recommend them. I always call him when I need someone.

Also, I recommend Paul Hall for tree cutting. He and his crew did a great job and he’s not afraid to climb a real tall tree.

I’m sorry I didn’t get to go to the play at Cowan Community Center. It was raining and I had a cold and decided I better not go. I heard it was very good. I hope I can go on Sunday.

It was good talking to Christine Fields the other day. I like reading her news and also the others. I read them all.

I visited my brother Hubert Howard this morning. I love visiting him and his wife Joyce. They make good coffee buddies! I didn’t keep up with the dates and I missed her birthday for the first time. It’s close to mine, Nov. 24. Late happy birthday, Joyce.

My sisters and I usually get together, but we didn’t get together this time due to sickness. We always have Joyce with us. She’s one of us.

I was sorry to hear of Dr. Vincent Arroz dying. He was a good friend of everyone who knew him. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

We have so many folks sick. We are glad Tammy Allen is out of the hospital after surgery and is doing well. Henrietta Absher has been having a lot of problems with her legs and she’s having therapy.

Our Howard family Christmas party will be Dec. 20 at Cowan Community Center. I hope the weather will be good and the roads are not ice.

I think my son Rob is in Lexington with his children and grandchildren. He enjoys that, but he loves Owensboro and I don’t think he will ever leave there.

My sisters Louise Shepherd and Kathleen Brock and her husband Earnest Brock need prayer and also Hazel Hart. Bro. John Conn visited Hazel on Saturday and she is not doing well. Her daughter Renee Campbell takes good care of her at her home in Letcher.

I’m getting ready to go to Sunday school and church today. I look forward to that.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere this week if you are able.

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