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Tree foliage has come to life

Hello everyone and happy Mother’s Day to all mothers, grandmothers etc.

Oh what beauty my eyes behold as I look across the hayfield from my house. The lush foliage of the trees have seemed to come to life overnight The redbud trees are slowly fading as the leaves are starting to form. My iris is sparsely blooming, but this time last year it was beautiful.

Once again Keith decided to separate and transplant some of my irises and they won’t bloom this year. He got into the ones that I had bought several years ago from Marvin Davis, a complete row alongside my yard. They won’t bloom this year.

I think I will build me a greenhouse and put a lock on it. I may just put me a bed in it.

I took a trip to Lawrenceburg, Ind., and I had the utmost pleasure to once again be reminded of the trip to the mountains. There’s a stretch of highway on R#50 that has red buds on both sides of the highway.

I wish there was a spot that I could pull over and just drink in the beauty and let it stay there, as in a week or so the blooms will just be a memory.

As usual Mother’s Day it is a sad occasion for me and so many that have lost our mothers. No matter how short or long of a time this is something you never get over. I left home at such an early age there was so much I missed in life spending time with my mother.

Southern Ohio

With all trials and tribulations Mom instilled so many memories of her growing up years on Big Branch in my heart and brain that it has remained all through the years. Mom nor I ever thought of the things she told me would stay in my head all these years.

As I absorb all the newfangled things that have come into effect down through the years, I think of how pleased Mom was when I got her a small microwave, and the first Mr. Coffee pot. For many years Mom used the old-time percolator on the stove. After Dad’s death Mom started using an electric percolator just to heat water as she started using instant coffee, then along came Mr.Coffee.

Mom finally moved to Jenkins, where she lived until her death. At least Mom had a bathroom and a half decent place to be comfortable.

When my children were small my husband and I couldn’t afford to go home as much as my heart desired to. I remember traveling the old way when it took nine hours to get from Harrison to down home.

After my divorce I worked so much that I had the money to go see Mom, I couldn’t take off work to go, just occasionally. Now I have the money to go and there’s no Mom to go see.

Sorry folks for going down memory lane, but with Mother’s Day approaching my thoughts and heart aches to be able to make one more visit, one more phone call or one more letter from Mom.

Give your mother an extra hug this Mother’s Day.

I received a special gift just in time for Mother’s Day. I received a book called Sacrifice from Sue Griffith Smith of Columbus, Ind. Sue is a cousin to Ann Calihan and Bill Ison.

Sue’s parents are from the mountains, though Sue was raised like so many other others in Indiana and other places. Sue reads my column in The Mountain Eagle. When I went to Bill Ison’s visitation, Sue and I missed each other by just a few minutes.

I was so intrigued with the book that I read the first chapter without putting the book down. Please get a copy of this book called Sacrifice, which describes a lot of what life is like in the mountains.

Of course it always fills my heart with pride and joy to see someone be as productive and to be able to go to school and be as educated as Sue Smith and so many others that has any ties to the mountains.

My heart breaks as I write the next little bit. Please keep the family of Johnny and Ann Calihan in your prayers, as tragedy and heartbreak leave no family untouched. In the loss of a beautiful two-month old great-grandbaby, their daughter Teresa and her husband Jon are devastated as it is their daughter Angelica’s baby.

Everyone who reads my column knows how much Johnny and Ann mean to me. I know you aren’t supposed to question God’s will, but in this situation I can’t help but wonder why.

Johnny and Ann’s daughter Sue and Tom Wagner’s twin preemie grandbabies are still doing alright. Ashley is home and doing well, except wearing herself out going to and fro to see the babies. Please keep the family in your prayers.

I finally talked to Pat Wagner. Pat is still not feeling up to par, and Les is trying to get the garden ready. I wish I was able to digest tomatoes, I would be driving to their home very often.

For anyone in Whitesburg, Blackey, or surrounding areas who needs lawn work done, please call Jack Adams, cell phone is 606-0335-7179, house phone 606-633-9925. Jack gives free estimates. Jack is a member of the Sunrise Ridge Bluegrass Band.

Old Time Fiddlers held their meeting early as we usually cancel the May meeting because of Mother Day’s. We had a small turnout, but we still had good music and plenty of food.

The Appalachian Festival at Old Coney on Kellogg Ave in Cincinnati is held each year on Mother’s Day, and this year it was May 11-13. I have volunteered every year for about eight years straight. I’ve been going there for almost 20 years as I enjoy it, and it is my gift to me.

Don’t forget Carcassonne Community Center square dance on May 12 from 6 to 9 p.m. Sunrise Ridge Band will perform, and food is available, so come for supper and then cakewalks.

Mike and Marcia Caudill, dance one for me. Wish I could be there.

Well as usual time is catching up with me. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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