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Mostly cloudy

Trees are bare of leaves in Ohio

Hello everyone! How is everything in your little corner of this beautiful world? The weather has been beautiful in this part of the Ohio Valley. A little too cold for me at night, but the sun is still shining and that helps.

I hope it stays like this for the next two months. Yes, I can wish and dream. The foliage of the trees is finally showing the beauty of God’s coloring book.

As I look out my window I am sorry to say most of the trees on the hillside are bare. There are a few on top that have a little color, and the hayfield is as green as springtime with sparsely covered with brown in some places. A lone cedar or pine tree is once again in plain view, and seems to say, “Here I am again.”

There are a few places along the roads that I travel that are absolutely breathtaking. I still yearn for the mountains of eastern Kentucky this time of year.

Halloween is just a memory and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Have you started to plan your menu for Thanksgiving dinner?

Monday night, Vicki Power and I went on an adventure. We went to Haddix Hall, formerly Hunter’s Pizzeria, to see Ma Crow & Company. This is the first time that I’ve been to Haddix Hall in over a year. As usual the band did a terrific job I will say one thing, there were quite a few dancers. A couple of guys asked me to dance and, yes, I danced a few times.

Southern Ohio

Tuesday morning once again found me very sick. I had promised Kim Day I would come to Harrison Bowl to watch the team, and for the Halloween party. I was a few minutes late. I really enjoy watching Kim and the group bowl. Actually I would like to try bowling again, but the fear of trying to throw the ball is stronger than the desire to bowl. I am so afraid of what it will do to my arm.

I love to watch Kim bowl, and the excitement she shows when she gets a strike, which she gets a few each game. I find myself feeling the same as the ball is heading for the center pin.

Belated happy birthday to Hayward Day on Nov. 4. Hayward laughingly said to me that when I die someone better tie my feet together as I will still be dancing. That is the same thing my niece Sue Hall had said when I was in the mountains and went to Carcassonne.

I stopped by John and Ann Calihan’s just for a few minutes. Ann had more surgery and has one more to go. My heart breaks to see Ann along with her daughter Sue Wagner both in so much pain. I am so thankful that Johnny and Ann have such a caring family.

My daughter Kay Gray and her husband spent a week in Jamaica, then came home for a few days, and then flew out to Destin, Fla., to check on their house. Kay said there wasn’t any damage there.

Just point me south towards the mountains of eastern Kentucky and I am satisfied. I don’t want cruises or flights. I will just get in my car and drive.

Friday night, Vicki Power and I ventured again to Community Arts Center in Oxford to the square dance. I worked Friday morning and was very tired, but once again my feet overloaded my brain and I danced again. Then I sat out for the rest.

Judy Waldron also teaches a contra dance, which has a few square dance calls. It is beautiful to watch, but I was feeling a little dizzy and I am glad I set that one out.

As we were ready to square dance, Judy called my name and asked for the demonstration that Mike Caudill taught me called the mountain do si do. It is different than the back-to-back do si do done here.

Randy Wilson from Carcassonne came to North Side Square Dance in Cincinnati. Judy hadn’t gotten the call down completely. I couldn’t show her exactly how to do it because Mike knows I can’t reach that high so I cheat and walk around him. My niece Sue Hall made a video of Carcassonne square dance, so I told Judy to watch the other couples and not me.

I hope this spring, if my health permits, that Warren and Judy Waldron can visit the Carcassonne square dance with me, at least that is the tentative plans.

There are refreshments served at all the places I go, but usually I stick to water. Someone brought apple cider and, oh, it was delicious. I had two small twoounce glasses, and it even stayed down That is until 3 a.m., when I woke up so ill that I couldn’t breathe for the acid in my throat and nostrils. I had a gall bladder attack from the cider. I finally managed to get some medicine and sat straight up to get relief. No more apple cider for me.

I get so many compliments on how good I look, and then I am told well you sure don’t look that sick. Well let me tell you something, looks can be deceiving. If people only knew how I long for that piece of meat that you are able to consume, for a salad or just a cheeseburger. I would like a slice of pumpkin pie without it hurting me.

Again, I will say I try to look on the good side; I am not on a feeding tube.

I am asked how am I able to dance. By the grace of God, as it has been quite some time that I would just dance a few steps. I am still very weak and my heart races out of my chest but should I die while I am dancing, I will die happy.

Sunday afternoon, Vicki Power once again ventured to a nursing home to visit a friend. The drive was sort of depressing as along the interstate the beautiful leaves are gone since we had several days of hard rain. We took I-74 then on our way back I cut down 350 and back on Rt. 50, so we made a loop. I teased Vicki and said we finally found time for our ride in the country that we had been talking about.

Vicki doesn’t dance and that bothers me, as I hate to see her sitting on the sidelines when we go places. Her job has ended for the summer, so who knows what or where we’ll be.

Les and Pat Wagner spent a few days in the Smokey Mountains to celebrate their anniversary. I haven’t talked to them since their return so maybe this week I will get the news of their wonderful trip. Hello to all their family.

My daughter Anna Nottingham, along with Jessica, Katelyn, and Kyle, went to a craft fair at Duke Energy, and then drove someplace in Kentucky to hike on something called the Appalachian Trails. I will find out more next column. I miss not being able to walk and go with them.

Carcassonne Community Center will host its November square dance on Saturday, Nov. 10, from 6 to 9 p.m., presented by Isom IGA. Music by Sunrise Ridge. Caller: Will Bowling. Admission: Adults $5, Students 6-18, $3, children under 6, free with a paying adult. Concessions, special meal, and souvenirs will be available for purchase. Carcassonne is known as the home of the longest-running community-sponsored square dance in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This will be the final Carcassonne square dance for 2018. Dances will resume in March, weather permitting.

Well, it is time to bring this to a close. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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