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Trees are putting on autumn’s array of colors

Southern Ohio

Hello once again and Happy Halloween to everyone.

The trees in Harrison, Ohio and the area surrounding it are once again putting on autumn’s beautiful array of colors.

As I drive each day on Cleves-Warsaw Pike, the view is breathtaking with the gold, browns and a touch of orange. I seem to feel the vibrant colors throughout my entire body. I really do enjoy this time of year, yet after the leaves are gone I feel a sadness deep within.

On Oct. 8, I left this area about three-thirty in the afternoon. About eight o’clock that night, I was walking through the door of the home of my brother Richie Hall and his wife, Wanda, on Ingrams Creek.

I made a pit stop at the Natural Bridge rest area and another at the BP station at Isom. Other than that, I wasn’t from beneath my steering wheel.

Richie had a doctor’s appointment at Pikeville.I was afraid they would put him back in the hospital, so I decided to make the trip. He is doing a little better, so please keep him in your prayers.

On the way back to Whitesburg from Pikeville, Richie was kind enough to stop at several yard sales so Wanda and I could browse. Then we stopped in Jenkins to visit our brother Robert Hall. His wife Ann had gone to the store, so we missed her.

Robert’s step-daughter Candice was there along with her little girl who is really cute.

Happy Belated birthday to Blayke Bates, who was two years old October 3, from his “Poppy” Richie Hall and mom-ma Wanda. Blayke is the only grandchild that has called Richie “Poppy.” He really keeps his parents, Donald and Tina, on their toes.

Congratulations to Donald and Tina on their purchase of a lovely home with a nice yard for Blayke to play in.

We finally made it back to Richie and Wanda’s, then I drove back to Whitesburg to visit my brother Jerry and Mattie Hall. Mattie and I went to Letcher Manor Nursing Home to see my brother Wallace Lee Hall and my sister.

Wallace Lee and Loretta are doing good, but there’s something bothering me very much. As most people know, the residents at the nursing home are allotted a small amount of their Social Security checks. I understand someone is low enough to ask my sister Loretta Church for money to buy pop with.

Loretta has to wait for someone to do for her, and it makes me very upset the way certain people treat her, much less a stranger asking her for money.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Gracie Cornett. Gracie, whose birthday was October 7, is a neighbor to Richie and Wanda and Barb and Rick Jones.

Happy birthday to Brandie Roark on October 27. Brandie is the daughter of the best looking man on Ingrams Creek, Mark Roark, and Teresa Kay Roark.

Belated birthday wishes also go to my sweet hillbilly friend Ann Calihan, also on October 7. Ann and Johnny Calihan are like me when it comes to worries — when it rain it pours!

I am really sorry to hear that Ann’s sister Vivian Day has been very ill and spent several days in the hospital. Vivian, Hayward and their daughter Kim are really special to me. Vivian makes the best peanut butter fudge, which everyone enjoys each time she visits.

Johnny’s brother Joe Calihan, who lives in North Carolina, isn’t in very good health. Please keep everyone in your prayers.

Well, it seems there are some celebrities in the Ison family, as Michael Ison of Kingscreek has a daughter and son-in-law who live in New York, where the sonin law is a chef. During the World Equesterian Games event held in Lexington recently, food prepared by the son-in-law and others in New York was flown to Lexington and sold for $300 per plate!

Now that sounds limighty exciting to me, and I might have asked to have the plate bronzed. I bet Michael was brimming over with pride of this accomplishment of his son-in-law.

Another little misplaced hillbilly is feeling out of sorts. Get well wishes go out to my little extra mountain mama’s daughter, Linda Whitaker Day. Linda is the daughter-in-law of Renevae Day of Brookville, Indiana and the late Kelly Day. Her husband is Darrel Day, and they have a handsome young son.

Cooley Jr. Calihan and family along with Hayward and Vivian Day and family, and Johnny and Ann Calihan made plans to head for the mountains of eastern Kentucky with Vivian being sick. I will have to let you know later if any of the plans materialize.

When illness strikes plans somehow get sidetracked.

My computer guy is finally back from vacation in Missouri, so he will be coming to my house to fix my computer. I really haven’t missed it that much except for writing my column. Well, I do miss Facebook and seeing what Larry Roark has been eating and cooking.

I did get a note from Larry saying how much he enjoyed meeting with, listening to and picking music with the very young talented Evan Lanier, who is one fine talented young man.

Larry went to Kentucky Days, which was held in Dayton, Ohio. I loved Kentucky Days when it was held in Xenia and was hosted by Hazel Williams.

It was held at Shawnee Park and the surroundings were so nice with a lake. Hazel had to give it up as she couldn’t do it any more and my friend Norma Ashcraft, who was born at Blackey, has it now. It is held inside. It is nice, but I still prefer outdoor music.

Gwen Huff Farmer, I miss you and Shirley Wells on the computer. It seems that I am running here and there and don’t get much time for the telephone.

My little sidekick Bennie is feeling a little better. I stopped by to take him some Halloween decorations and of course I had to stop by McDonalds first.

I drove again to my friend Sue Courtney’s to porch-sit and river-watch, except this time we went to Carrollton, Ky. (the town where the Kentucky River meets the Ohio River) to eat. By the time we got back to her place it had stormed and we didn’t get to sit outside.

Doyle and Betty Ison, please don’t put your cushions away from your swing on your boat deck, as I am heading your way one evening soon. Woody Whitaker, do you want to join me? You have never seen this work of art built by Doyle.

Emma Engle I thought of you while I was in the mountains. I hope you and Red are doing okay.

Until next time: Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030. E-mail: Bluegrassmama4@ aol.com Telephone: 513- 367-4682.

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