Whitesburg KY

Trees are really pretty in spite of the dry weather


Just a few lines is all I’ll have time to get in this week since I’m running close to the time deadline.

Our trees are really pretty despite the drought conditions that have been with us this summer.

We took a trip across the Little Shepherd Trail and the sun shining on the trees was very colorful. Lots of others were also enjoying the scenery. We met quite a few cars and motorcycles.

One of the late Mr. and Mrs. Howard Caudill’s daughters was here visiting places she grew up around in the area. It was Irene and her husband from Indiana. Her family grew up on Drew Branch (Dee Smith Hollow) and went to school at Sycamore. She was looking for the graves of her grandparents on her mother’s side; they were Maddens. With the help of Ray Dean and Doris Adams, they found their graves in the Pearl Dixon Cemetery.

He and Irene also stopped by the old Sycamore School property to look around and she was very happy to find herself and two of her brothers in one of the school pictures. Her house had burned at one time and she lost all of her family photos. Her brother, Eugene “Bub” Caudill, sometimes has a column in The Mountain Eagle in with one of the Ohio correspondents.

We had a wonderful church service at Blair Branch church Sunday and were all very happy when Eugene and Jenetta Adams’s son, Gary Eugene, joined the church. It made for a very good weekend. He will be baptized this coming Sunday around 12:15 to 12:30 p.m. at the Blair Branch Church.

Darrel and Vicki Pridemore were here from Illinois over the weekend. They visited with Lee and Wilma, Don and Coreen Pridemore, and also some of their nieces and nephews while here. They got together for a cookout at Lee and Wilma’s and also came to Blair Branch Church on Saturday evening.

Mary Ann Morgan brought Bill Gibson, who is 103 years old, out to church services Saturday evening also. I believe he’s the oldest man I’ve ever known, and he still seems to be pretty good health.

Mamie Engle got home from the hospital last week and her daughter, Bobbie, is staying with her now.

Maggie and Kathy Adams, formerly of Perkins Branch, were at Blair Branch for church services. I think they live in Pike County now. It’s always good to see them.

Stella Elam reported that the Back reunion went real well, but she sure was worn out afterward.

Anyone who worked at Blue Diamond Coal in Leatherwood would be amazed and also a little sad to see how the road has changed in that area. The area is being stripped for coal and the only thing still standing is the cut rock store and office building. Vandals have broken every window out of the old buildings, but they still stand and would be so nice to fix up as a historic area and four-wheeler trail riding area. It’s a shame to just let them go to waste.

Francine Caudill fixed a family birthday supper on Saturday evening. It was for her nephew, Orville Combs, daughter Teresa and son-in-law Jason Hall, who all celebrate birthdays in October. She had her mother and sister, Mary Lou Combs and Donna Frazier, with her and most of her family. A good time was enjoyed by all. Donna and Mary Lou are staying for the week and Francine took off work to be with them.

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