Whitesburg KY

Trees, bushes are in bloom

Big Cowan

Hello readers. I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and all the trees and bushes in bloom.

It’s just amazing how our God is so creative, and all the beauty and splendor we get to enjoy while on this Earth, but it shall not compare to the beauty on the other side, which I am longing to see one of these days.

Happy second birthday to Delilah on April 10. She is the granddaughter of Linda and Brack Sexton. She enjoyed a party on Easter Sunday with family and friends. I am sure she had a good time.

Gillis Dollarhide is still in need of our prayers. He is going to Pikeville for treatments several times a week. Also, keep Lonnie Pack in your prayers.

Also on the prayer list this week: Thomas Wolfe, Hazel and Earl Rayburn, Mary Lou Fields, Irene and Eugene Day, Della and Morris Maggard, Anna Lou Combs, Mary Ann Maggard, Tony, Joe, Carla and Destiny Maggard, Brack and Linda Sexton.

Saturday evening we rode up Kingdom Come Creek on the other side of UZ. It is beautiful up there, and such beautiful homes. All of the mountains, creeks and hollows are so neat, how they wind around and then run out of road and into creeks. I love the country.

Well, we have new neighbors from Columbus, Ind., Rick and Stacie Dobson. Hopefully they will like the mountains as well as we do.

Hello to all of my friends, relatives, and others I have met, and thanks for reading.

Happy wedding anniversary to Charles and Shirley Day on April 19, as well as Astor and Judy Fields. I hope all of you enjoy.

And Charles, I think you should take Shirley out for your anniversary. She does enough cooking.

Astor, hopefully you will take Judy out to eat and shop. Have fun, ladies.

Charles and Astor, enjoy yourselves, and maybe they will fix you a big breakfast or buy ice cream for you later.

Everyone please pray for the families of the miners who were killed. They really need our prayers.

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