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Trees will soon be wearing white robes

Well, here it is Wednesday, the middle of the week, and a wet and cold day ‘tis. Leaves are really coming down. Won’t be long a’fore the poor trees will be bare and shivering in the cold till Mother Nature deems it time to cover them in robes of pristine white. Such a beautiful season but I personally prefer a much warmer season.

Talked to Georgia today. One of our dear friends, Mary Lore, Lorain, Ohio, is in the hospital in very serious condition. We have known her and her family for many years and she is one of our group of older women who see each other every Thursday at Georgia’s Beauty Shop. Back when we were all a bit younger, once a month we would all go out for breakfast, do some shopping and even go to garage sales. Oh, the good ole days!

Valerie is in Mercy Hospital here in Lorain. She is having tests on her heart to find out what has been causing her low heart rate. Sure hope it’s something that can be taken care of and fixed. Love and prayers to both these special ladies.

Catharine seems to be doing well. Just hope the worry and stress doesn’t set her back.

Bill and Redia have been really busy at the store. Bill even pulled an overnighter getting an order together. I really wish I were able to help. Bill really needs to take it easier, else he’ll be an old man before his time.

Got a most welcome phone call from a dear friend today. Nellie Banks called from Bloomington, Ind., and we had one of our good visits. I just love talking with her but today she wasn’t feeling her best. She is in her 90s but doesn’t sound like an older lady. Love you, Nellie.

Georgia has to go to Cleveland in the morning to get results from tests she had last week. Maybe she will call before I get this ready for Catharine. I really hope it’s all good news.

Got your Thanksgiving dinner all planned? I know of one old woman that ain’t gonna be doin’ no cookin. Maybe a good fairy will suddenly appear on our doorstep with a plate of food for each of us. Dream on, woman!

Talked to Catharine earlier and she said Valerie is still in hospital, is scheduled for a heart cath tomorrow. They had planned to do it earlier but the doctors got together and decided it should be done to check for blockages. David is fine, will be going back on the road Monday. Catharine is working a bit more than usual; just hope she doesn’t overdo. Hey, Pam Walker, guess what? Today is November 10 and I got a Mountain Eagle for the week of October 19. Must have been floating around in outer space or someone snuck it out to read, maybe a slow reader. Northeast Ohio

Hello, Creda Isaacs, how are you and yours? Read your article every week and in the last issue I received, read where you had visited graves of some of my ancestors. Yep, the graves of Joseph Craft Sr. and wife Martha Irby Bates Craft are, or were, a part of my Craft family. Though I did not know they were buried in a cemetery located on the campus of the Sue Bennett College in London. Always so good to learn about relatives, be they past or present.

Just want to let all other writers know that I read every one and enjoy them.

Haven’t heard from Bill and Redia today but I’m sure they are busy, busy, busy. When one has their own business, there’s no such thing as time out or days off.

Richard and Georgia just left, were late getting here and didn’t stay very long. Everything seems to be OK with them and their family. All are busy with school and work. Seems only a short time ago they were just small children. How time flies!

Want to say a big howdy to everyone and wishing for you a great Thanksgiving and don’t do what I’m usually good at, overeating. But not this year, thank you.

Guess what? Snow is predicted for parts of our area, especially in the snowbelt and maybe some lake effect snow. Brrr!

Getting about time for Catharine to show up so I had better say so long for now. Look for me next week, same time, same place. Have a great week, stay warm, well and happy. Love and prayers.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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