Whitesburg KY
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy

Trees will soon wear winter white

Northeast Ohio

It is a cold but sunny day here in Lorain, with wind gusts now and then. The trees are almost bare, though some are still clothed in their colorful autumn finery. All too soon they will be clothed in a beautiful winter white.

It’s a gorgeous time of year, but definitely not my favorite. I guess I’ll just have to do a lot of quilting, embroidery, reading and of course, my usual daily nap.

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying life. Have you got Mister Tom Turkey in the pen fattening up for the Thanksgiving feast?

I don’t suppose too many raise turkeys nowadays, it’s too easy to go to the store and pick one up. So far I haven’t planned my menu. I will just wait and see what we are in the mood for.

Unless I get out and do some shopping I won’t be baking any dried apple pies or stack cakes. I used up the last of my dried apples and molasses this past week.

We had a really good visit with Red’s sister Mae Sowards from Pound, Va., her sister Jean Hunsucker from Eolia, Jean’s daughter and son-in-law Terri and Phillip Shortt from Pound, Va., and his niece Lena Stallard, also from Pound.

We just really enjoyed their visit. We had Bill and Redia over to eat with us, so we cooked for nine. We had a big country breakfast Saturday morning, and Red makes the gravy.

Don’t tell him I said so, but he does make a good pan of gravy. It’s better than mine.

I talked to Jeanie and Sarah Belle and neither sounded too chipper. Jeanie had a bad week and Sarah Belle had taken a trip to Gatlinburg and was tired out.

We just had company, grandson Chris, wife Jenni and their two, Julia and Evan, stopped by for a short visit. It was raining when they left.

I talked with Georgia and she had a follow up appointment with the doctor to find out just how everything is progressing after the outpatient surgery for her sinuses. I haven’t heard any news but hopefully everything is going well.

We got a call from Dorothy Potter, who is a former Letcher County gal. I received a letter from a dear friend, Joyce Gaynell Adkins, and she sent me a picture of the first quilt top she ever made. Beautiful! That girl has a talent she didn’t even know she had. Way to go, Gaynell!

We got to see Brooklyn over the weekend. She sure isn’t growing a whole lot, but hopefully she will start soon, or maybe it just seems she isn’t growing because she’s so small.

We picked a good mess of mustard greens. There are still plenty out there, but I’m not sure just how much more I’m going to pick, maybe none unless it gets warmer.

I have talked with Jettie, and she and Chester are both doing fairly well. Like the rest of us, they aren’t getting any younger.

Sorry, Jettie, but I do know you are six years younger than me, and that’s quite a bit for someone my age. To me you are still a young chick.

I just heard on the news about the tragedy at Fort Hood in Texas. It’s so very, very sad. This world, or at least some of the people in it, are making it a fearsome place to live.

Well, it seems as if the old brain has decided to take a much needed rest, or it has gone on vacation. Either way I might as well say howdy to everyone including cousin Bill in North Carolina, cousin Denver in Michigan, cousin Thelma in Indiana, and to all those I need to write. You’ll be hearing from me soon.

You all have a blessed day, stay warm and stay well. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle @yahoo.com, (440) 233- 7548.

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