Whitesburg KY

Trenda Kincer has new granddaughter

The Colson Center has been a busy place this week. We have had a good turnout and lots of fun.

Tootie Seals was over one day and we told him a lot of things we did while on trips with him. He says now he will certainly keep his eyes on us. Tootie is always ready to enjoy his trips. We sure have had some fun times and hope to have many more.

Eugene Slone from the Sheriff ’s Department will be with us one day this week. He always keeps us informed about safety and lots of other helpful ideas. We appreciate him and Sheriff Danny Webb for the care they give to the seniors.

Connie Cook has been having lots of trouble with a bad knee and we have missed her so much. Hopefully she will be back before long. We love that girl and wish her the best. Colson

Brandon Jent was home from UK this weekend. He spent some time with his granny, Maxine Quillen. She did his laundry while they visited. There is nothing any better than having the grandkids with us. I’m sure Gina and the girls were glad to have him home.

Trenda Kincer has a new granddaughter, Lila Belle Webb, the daughter of Brandon and Pearlie Webb. Lila has a big sissy, Chloie and a big brother, Caleb. Trenda also has a new great-niece, Lindsey LaShae Sturgill, the daughter of John and Bridget Sturgill.

Richard and Bonnie Kincer have enjoyed having their grandchildren, Addison and Carter Goad, for the past two weekends while Rebecca and Gary worked. They are two beautiful children. It keeps Richard and Bonnie feeling so young!

I talked to Joan Williams who lives in Indianapolis, and she said they were ‘iced’ in again. She said the weather has kept her in a lot this winter. I think it has been that way for a lot of folks. Joan, you know spring is just around the corner.

Nikkia, I am so sorry I forgot your birthday. Love you, honey!

My goal for this week is to ‘Return to Sender’ all the junk mail I get. If we would all do this, maybe our name would get taken off some of these credit card company lists. Also this week I intend to look at labels, and if it isn’t made in the U.S.A., I don’t need it. We have to start somewhere and that’s where I’m starting and I hope I will have a lot of people doing the same. We can make a difference!

Ann Thomas called this week to tell me about a friend and classmate of hers dying, Kenneth ‘Bud’ Collins, formerly of Colson. Ken was the son of Arlie and Georgia Collins. He was a graduate of Whitesburg High School. May God bless all his family and friends. He has two nieces and a nephew here in Letcher County, Burnis Allen Sexton, Pamela Taylor and Belinda Hall.

Imogene Sexton, Alpha Sexton, Little Chester Baker, Lydia Hall, and Claude Hall have been in the hospital this week. We hope each of them get well soon.

Birthday wishes to Debbie Isaacs, Beth Mason, Drax Fouts, Geraldine Grimm, Joan Hall, and Dannie Isaacs. I hope each of them have many more.

Valentine’s Day is coming and we will have a special Bingo on that day, so come out to the center and have some fun with us.

Feb.17 all the centers will get together at the Kingscreek Center for a special program on medicine. That is a very important program, for we all need to know what we are taking.

Our potluck dinner is always on the third Friday of each month. We have wonderful cooks in our neighborhood and we usually have plenty, so don’t miss it.

All five of the Pictorials are now printed and for sale. If you haven’t bought yours yet, you don’t know what you are missing. Thanks so much to all who have shared their pictures!

Fundraising for the Martin Van Buren Bates Memorial Park is still underway. Next week I will have the winner of the drawing for the $100 bill. Good luck!

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