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Trent’s Grocery has good tomatoes

Big Cowan

We are proud to announce that we have a new resident on Cowan. Macy Leigh Sturgill was born on July 12. She weighed 6 pounds, and was 19 inches long.

Her parents are Erica and Allen Sturgill, and she is the granddaughter of Charles and Teresa Sturgill and the great-granddaughter of Loreva Fields and the late Ray Fields.

I’m sure her Uncle Charles and Aunt Becky Sturgill, and their son and daughter will spoil her rotten for you. If not, bring her to my house. I’m good at spoiling babies.

My granddaughter, Michaela, has been here all week. She has been playing with Paige Brown on the trampoline. They have lots of fun together even though there is a big age difference.

There’s not any kids around that are Michaela’s age. She helped feed the horses and enjoyed that. She also played with Destiny Maggard and had fun.

My oldest granddaughter, Ashley, will be here next week. They were all trying to get a week in before school starts in August. It’s been fun having them.

Burdeen Gilley of Columbus, Ind., is still not doing very well and needs our prayers, as well as his wife, Virginia Ann.

All of my family and neighbors are doing well this week. Thank you for your prayers.

The Day/Kelly reunion was held this past week at the Cowan Community Center with lots of food and fellowship for three days. They are the descendants of Elbert Day and Blondie Kelly. All reported having a good time.

Trent’s Grocery had some real good tomatoes this summer. He gets them out of Tennessee, and we have really enjoyed them. I don’t think many people have garden tomatoes here yet, and these taste like fresh out of the garden tomatoes.

I hope everyone has been enjoying these cool evenings. It sure beats the heat and humidity.

Irene and Eugene Day had their first mess of green beans from their garden. They were really good.

Their anniversary was July 21. They were married 59 years. I hope you had a good one. Love you guys.

The have two children, Emma Day Adams and Francis Martin Day.

Francis Day will celebrate his 55th birthday July 22. He is married to Jenny Campbell and has a daughter, Heath and a granddaughter, Paige Brown. Have a good one, cousin. He is the son of Irene and Eugene Day.

Irene and Eugene Day also have two grandchildren, Chris Adams of Kingsport, Tenn., and Heather Day Griffy of Cowan, and a great-granddaughter, Paige Brown.

We heard that Herbie Adams, Sr., was killed in an accident in Virginia on July 15. Our sympathy goes out to his family.

Audrey and Charles Hammonds said to give a big hello to their friend, John Cornett, and that they would see him in September, hopefully.

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