Whitesburg KY

Trick-or-treaters are adorable


Hope everyone is staying warm. I love snow but only when I don’t have to be out in it. I can’t recall seeing that much snow in October.

We didn’t have many little trick-or-treaters, but the ones we had were adorable. I love seeing their bright eyes and the joy on their faces when they say “trick or treat.” Maybe I choose to never grow up.

Maxine Quillen has done it again. She decided to do a fundraiser for the statue of Letcher County’s Giant Martin Van Buren Bates. She was asking for donations with a chance to win a $100 bill. The drawing was held at the Hemphill Community Center on Friday night. The winner was Gwen Thompson. Gwen donated the money back to the Statue Fund. Now wasn’t that wonderful?

A big thank you for everyone who donated, and may God bless each of you.

The Historical Society is hoping to have the money for the statue by the time we get the museum built on the by-pass.

The Letcher County Tourism Committee is selling the Quilt Trail Books and they are great. The book has a map of where each of the quilts is located in the county and also pictures of the quilts. If you haven’t bought a book, let me know. Call 855-7338.

Ann Bradley and Dr. David Narramore also have some of the books. Also ask Ann about the Homemakers cookbook.

Our deepest sympathy to the family of Aunt Pat. We will miss her big smile when we go through the doors at the hospital.

Also sympathy to Brenda Cook and her family. I know she will miss her mom so much. Brenda is such a nice person and everyone loves her.

The Letcher County Historical Society is having a big sale on all its overstocked books. These make wonderful Christmas gifts.

Brandon Jent is having so much fun while in Chile. He may like it too much. We wish him the best with his studies. What a wonderful opportunity for a student to experience world travel. I know his mom, sisters and his mamaw miss him.

Prayers needed for all the sick in our county. May God be with each and every one.

Spent some time Saturday with some very special people. Noah was part of our entertainment and he did his best. Love all my family. Ashley painted her bedroom and she and Jarrett did a good job. Now I know whom to call when I need some painting done.

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