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Trip to Amish Country ends in dried apple pies

Northeast Ohio

Oops, I can’t believe it but I goofed (oh yeah). I changed the name of our latest great-grandchild; her name is Elizabeth Faith Ann not Elizabeth Grace Ann. Sorry little one, even though I like both names. She is still in Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. She is now 5 pounds, 1 ounce but is still having heart rate drops. This tiny girl could use lots of prayers; remember her.

We made our trip to Amish Country. Red dropped me off at Rick and Georgia’s real early. We picked up Chester and Jettie on the way and were off for a day of fun. I do believe I enjoyed that trip more than any other. We went for breakfast to Miller’s Bakery, stopped at Bunker Hardware and Lehman’s Hardware. We stopped at a couple of garage sales and a big fruit market where I found my dried apples. We were in Berlin, Mt. Hope, Sugar Creek and some other small towns which I can’t remember the names. I think the reason I enjoyed the day so much was because we usually go with a larger crowd and everyone has a different place they want to visit. We just stopped whenever we wanted or saw something interesting. Kind of a laid back lazy day.

I received three of the nicest phone calls. The first was from Junior Croucher in Beaver Creek, Ohio, by way of Letcher County. I’m sure most of you knew the Crouchers, if you went to Stuart Robinson School I’m sure you did. I knew Mr. and Mrs. Croucher and the three older ones, Carroll, Corsie and Jean. I didn’t know the younger ones but I’m sure they are as special as the rest of the family.

One of the other calls was from Ava Blair in Williamsburg, Ohio. She mentioned coming up this way and that’s one visit I’m really looking forward to. Then good friend Nellie Banks in Bloomington, Ind., called and as always we had a good chat. I really enjoyed all three calls.

We got another call, but it wasn’t a happy one. The man who used to live directly across from us died in Washington State. He was in a nursing home there and his only child, a daughter, and her husband live and work in Washington. They came in May and took him home with them to Washington and put him in a nursing home there. We always watched out for him when he lived here. They are bringing him back here for burial.

I baked two big and one small dried apple pies and plan to get a pot of cranberry beans ready to cook. I’m ‘spect to be busy the next few days.

Our company is here and we just finished a real country supper and are now relaxing and yakking. We’ve had a cool rainy day here. Course we all know there will be more and worse days than this and it ain’t gonna be long.

I thought I might get some letters written but that didn’t happen. When I do get around to doing so I will probably write such long letters they might wish I had written sooner and shorter letters.

I haven’t heard from Ronald Buford lately; sure hope he isn’t still lost in Indiana. If perchance you should see one tall dude wandering around looking lost and lonely, please give him a helping hand.

Hello to cousins Edna Bentley Grimes, Eva Dale Douglas, Janice Jordan, Beulah Bentley, B.D. Sergent, and Denver Profitt and friends Henry Bentley Jr., Kernel and Doris Phillips, Nellie Banks, Jim and Gaynell Fields, Nadine Cornett, Betty Wells, Colleen Craft and Patty Eubank. There are many others I would like to mention but time and space won’t allow it.

Congratulations to sister Anna Lea’s granddaughter, Hilary Brashears, and Jean’s greatgrandson, Jody Hunsucker, for making the honor roll. Also to all the others who made the grade.

I do hope Gladys Smith and Eva Dale Douglas are both feeling better and anyone else who isn’t feeling up to par.

This hasn’t been one of Red’s better days. He has a lot of days like this lately. Hopefully he will get to feeling better.

Well, it’s jist bout time for Miss Catharine ter stop by and pick this up to e-mail fer me. So I’m agonna say so long till next time. Have a fantastic day and love, prayers and peace to all.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com, (440) 233-7548.

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