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Trip to supermarket brings new dangers

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It occurred to me the other day that I haven’t been eating right. It’s been difficult to find food in my stores, and it’s been difficult to work up the courage to go out, fearing I might get too close to someone who is sick.

It also occurred to me that not eating right was bad for my immune system, should I need to fight off an illness.

I began going out just before my nearest store closed at night, dashing in for one or two items, using the self-checkout, and fleeing out the door with my haul. That’s assuming my two items were actually on the shelves.

The store began holding “senior hours” early in the morning. Theoretically that would allow seniors to shop more safely and be able to find items on the freshly stocked shelves. In reality, said the store manager, it was likely more dangerous. He’d watched the security tapes of a few early morning openings and had seen no less than 80 seniors pushing through the doors when they opened, with no sign of social distancing anywhere.

But now, in the nick of time, two stores have restarted pickup service, after having cancelled it for over a month. I place the pickup order online, select a time slot two days in advance, and drive there to have my groceries put in the car. It works, even if there are a lot of substitutions of items and a few items out of stock.

Here’s a thought: Do you have a supplemental Medicare policy or Medicare Advantage? Does it cover meal delivery service, perhaps Meals on Wheels? Some do. Coverage might only apply at certain times (if you’ve just had surgery or have a medical condition), but a lot of rules are changing now. It wouldn’t hurt to check your policy.

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