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Trivia test

1. GEOGRAPHY: In what U.S. state is Salt Lake City located?

2. HISTORY: Where did abolitionist John Brown’s famous raid take place in 1859?

3. ENTERTAINERS: Which stand-up comedian, who starred in the movie “Back to School,” was born with the name Jacob Cohen?

4. ANATOMY: What is the most common type of blood?

5. MOVIES: “Anne of the Thousand Days” is a film about which historical couple?

6. GAMES: What early version of a video game mesmerized TV viewers in the mid-1970s?

7. RELIGION: What are the first four books of the Bible’s New Testament, in order?

8. COMICS: What is Catbert’s title in the “Dilbert” comic strip?


1. Utah

2. Harpers Ferry, (West) Virginia

3. Rodney Dangerfield

4. O positive

5. Anne Boleyn and King Henry VIII

6. Pong

7. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

8. Evil Director of Human Resources

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