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Trivia test

1. MOVIES: Who directed the movie “La Dolce Vita”?

2. GEOGRAPHY: Where is the famous Olduvai Gorge located?

3. MYTHOLOGY: Tyr was a Norse god of what?

4. MUSIC: What pop group sang “Love Shack”?

5. PRESIDENTS: How old was Theodore Roosevelt when he was inaugurated?

6. SCIENCE: In what century was Isaac Newton born?

7. HISTORY: When was the last year the Dodgers played in Brooklyn?

8. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the symbol of the zodiac sign Scorpio?

9. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek prefix “speleo” mean?

10. MEASUREMENTS: How many bottles of champagne are in a jeroboam?


1. Fededrico Fellini

2. Tanzania

3. War

4. The B-52s

5. 42

6. 17th century

7. 1957

8. Scorpion

9. Cave

10. Four

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