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Trivia test

1. GEOGRAPHY: What strait connects the Sea of Marmara with the Aegean Sea?

2. FOOD & DRINK: What is a pluet?

3. SCIENCE: What does an eidologist study?

4. MOVIES: Which Disney movie featured the title song, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”?

5. AD SLOGANS: What product was advertised as “It keeps going, and going, and going …”?

6. MYTHOLOGY: Who is the Greek goddess of the rainbow?

7. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What is the tallest lighthouse in the United States?

8. HISTORY: The German invasion of which nation had the code name Operation Barbarossa?

9. U.S. STATES: Which state has the nickname “The Mountain State”?


1. Dardanelles Strait

2. Plum and apricot hybrid

3. Mental images

4. “Toy Story”

5. Energizer batteries

6. Iris

7. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

8. Russia

9. West Virginia

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