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Trivia test

1. MOVIES: What was the name of the main character in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”?

2. U.S. PRESIDENTS: Which U.S. president was the nation’s first known speleologist?

3. LANGUAGE: What does the Greek prefix “tele” mean in English?

4. MUSIC: What was the main title of the 1979 song that is popularly known as “The Pina Colada Song”?

5. PERSONALITIES: Which actress was born Betty Joan Perske?

6. MEDICAL: What is a more common name for the condition known as canities?

7. HISTORY: When did daylight savings time go into effect in the United States?

8. COMICS: Which newspaper did reporter “Brenda Starr” work for?

9. LITERATURE: Who wrote the novel “Mrs. Dalloway”?

10. AD SLOGANS: Which laundry detergent introduced the “ring around the collar” campaign?


1. Clark Griswold

2. Thomas Jefferson, who visited and mapped caves.

3. Distance

4. “Escape”

5. Lauren Bacall

6. Gray hair

7. 1966

8. The Flash

9. Virginia Woolf

10. Wisk

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