Whitesburg KY

Trivia test

1. GEOGRAPHY: What is the capital of the Canadian province British Columbia?

2. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Which university or college has sports teams with the nickname “Golden Gophers”?

3. MEASUREMENTS: How many cups equal 1 quart?

4. TELEVISION: What was the name of the mansion in the TV series “Dark Shadows”?

5. ANATOMY: What are the tissues that hold bones together?

6. SCIENCE: What is the study of plants called?

7. MOVIES: What are the main food groups, according to Buddy in the movie “Elf”?

8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the scientific adjective used to describe fish?


1. Victoria

2. University of Minnesota

3. Four

4. Collinwood

5. Ligaments

6. Botany

7. Candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup

8. Piscine

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