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Trivia test

1. MOVIES: What is the name of the troublemaking fraternity in “National Lampoon’s Animal House”?

2. LITERATURE: What kind of pet does Neville have in the Harry Potter book series?

3. MUSIC : Which singer/songwriter is nicknamed the Queen of Soul?

4. GAMES: In the NFL, how long is the halftime?

5. TELEVISION: What is the name of Mork’s planet on “Mork & Mindy”?

6. GEOGRAPHY: Tokyo is located on which of Japan’s four main islands?

7. MEDICAL: What is the common name for deglutition?

8. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is a group of tigers called?

9. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What word represents the letter “U” in the NATO phonetic alphabet code?

10. SCIENCE: What is the “powerhouse” of the cell called?


1. Delta Tau Chi or Delta House

2. A toad named Trevor

3. Aretha Franklin

4. 12-15 minutes, except for the Super Bowl

5. Ork

6. Honshu

7. Swallowing

8. A streak or ambush

9. Uniform

10. Mitochondria, the organelle responsible for energy production

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