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True meaning of Christmas

Sometimes I am sitting around doing nothing in particular and just let my thoughts wander way back to when Christmas really meant something to the people.

Since that day and age, things have really taken a turn for the worse as far as the true meaning of the word Christmas. It used to mean giving, but not anymore. Anymore it is a matter of money and how much they can make during the season.

They forget about the reason for the season, and if they spend a lot of money they expect the same amount in return, and that is not giving freely.

I would love to see an old fashioned Christmas just once before I meet my Master, my all and all, where cranberries and popcorn are strung upon stings to decorate the tree, along with the paper chains and pine cones.

I’m talking about a live tree from the outdoors. You know, a family project. Anymore, families don’t make anything, they just get it at a store.

If you can succeed in getting a family together now, they are there only to see what they got and how much it had cost. They forget all about a little goldenhaired boy, the reason for the season.

He was born the Son of God, and He is alive forevermore. He was born the poorest of the poor, and yet He was born a King.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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