Whitesburg KY

Trump easily wins here

Trump is the favorite of Republicans in Letcher County and Kentucky to become the next president of the United States.

Trump racked up 410 votes in Letcher County’s Republican Presidential Caucus Saturday, easily outdistancing Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who collected 141 votes, and John Kasich, who was the choice of 83 Letcher voters. Florida Senator Marco Rubio finished a distant fourth, drawing the support of only 66 voters.

The vote totals show that Trump was the choice of 57.42 of the Republican voters who “caucused” Saturday at the Letcher County Courthouse in Whitesburg. Cruz drew support from 19.75 of the Republicans, while Kasich got 11.76 percent of the vote. Rubio drew support from only 9.24 percent of the GOP voters who cast their ballots.

The turnout by Republican voters in Letcher County was much lower than hoped for as only about 18 percent of the county’s 3,978 registered Republicans showed up at the caucus.

Trump also won in neighboring Harlan County, where he collected 41.27 percent of the vote compared to 31.88 for Cruz, 21.62 percent for Rubio, and 0.87 percent for Kasich. The total votes cast in Harlan County were 189 for Trump, 146 for Cruz, 99 for Rubio, and 4 for Kasich.

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