Whitesburg KY

Try to catch falling leaves

Hello once again!

Grab your jacket and let’s enjoy these cool evenings while we can, or come on let’s run through the breeze to try to catch the leaves as they are falling as we did as children so carefree.

As I know you are tired now, let’s sit down and have a chat! If you are like me it probably doesn’t take much to tire you out.

To be quite honest I don’t like the transition of the changing of the seasons, like when you have to get a jacket of the mornings then in the afternoon you need air conditioning, and then later long sleeves and pants again.

Yet I think fall is such a beautiful time of year although the leaves never last long enough for me. Then come the long, cold months of winter and it seems like they never end. I enjoy the beauty of the snow, but the cold gets in my bones and doesn’t want to leave.

I went back to the doctor and should be thankful he couldn’t find anything to make me feel the way I do. I had blood work done and it came back good so I may as well quit complaining though I still would like to know why I feel so bad.

My good friend Betty Ison goes once a month to Christ Hospital for a treatment. I had the pleasure to accompany Betty and while waiting in the lobby someone else came in. I glanced up from the book I was reading and made a remark about the scenery from so high up, and that sparked a very delightful conversation. The young man explained he had lived in a building not too far from Christ Hospital and then somehow the conversation became about the mountains of eastern Kentucky. The young man said he and his wife were going to Hazard to the Black Gold Festival and of course I asked if he wanted to pick up a hitchhiker. They could drop me off in Hazard and I would call my brother to pick me up.

The guy said, “Why yes, you can ride down with us. We have a large car and my wife would enjoy the company.” He repeated he was serious when I said that I was only joking.

The man was Rob Montazemi, a doctor, who used to have an office in Bright, Ind., just a hop and a jump from me. In fact they don’t live very far from me.

I must say it was such a pleasure to talk to this stranger. Had I known from the start who he was, I might have had second thoughts about starting a conversation. Southern Ohio

When Betty was finished with her treatment I told her about the conversation and she knows who he is. I am going to get in touch with him to find out how they liked the Black Gold Festival as they were going to spend a week around Buckhorn. I have gone to the Black Gold Festival before and it was so crowded you couldn’t walk.

Once several years ago, we were on the way to Mom and Dad’s, and then you had to drive through Hazard because there was no bypass. It was during the Black Gold Festival, except after hours, and there was so much garbage in the streets it was pathetic. I know there’s garbage removal, but to me there was no excuse for this. I mean the street was so piled up it was difficult to see where to drive.

Doyle Ison is really coming along well from his open-heart surgery, though he had a little setback with his kidneys acting up. I love to go spend time with Betty and Doyle, though it seems that when I go I never know when to leave. It is like going on a mini vacation to go there as their home is so beautiful and they are such sweet people.

Oh, don’t tell them I said that. The first time I met Betty I took an instant liking to her because for one thing she is almost a replica of me, for us not to be related. She says just what is on her mind. I have been told I am too plain spoken. I don’t mean to hurt anyone, but sometimes I do speak without thinking. I have been told I have a soft heart and hard head.

I had the pleasure of staying with Jessica, Katelyn and baby Kyle while Anna worked last week.

Sarah had band practice. Sarah is actually sidelined for three weeks because of her injured leg. This is very hard on Sarah as she is an awesome saxophonist. This young girl makes me so proud of her as she doesn’t let anything hold her back. She has marched all year with an injured leg, and sometimes they march four hours a day for band practice.

Her leg got to bothering her so much that Anna and Scott had to take her back to the urgent care, where they sent her to a specialist. The x-rays show where she had a fracture and it has healed itself as calcium has formed. Sarah has used a wrap so long that it has weakened her leg because of some carelessness.

My eight-year-old granddaughter Jessica is very active in volleyball. Katelyn is just satisfied in being involved in Scouts.

Kyle is growing like a weed and crawling. He tries to eat me up when I am there by loving on me. It is so cute when he reaches for me when I get in the door, and still wants me as I am leaving.

My son- in- law Scott, who is more of a son, is wanting me to make chicken and dumplings. He must think I am Betty Crocker!

As if that isn’t enough, now my oldest granddaughter Jennifer Proctor called to ask me if I would make chicken and dumplings for her. I am wondering if I should open a catering business. What do you think?

When Jennifer heard I wasn’t feeling well, she offered to make me some homemade chicken soup. My great-granddaughter Samantha Jo heard part of the conversation so she got a can of chicken noodle soup out of the pantry for Jennifer.

Friday night I decided to stay home and not go anywhere, though I really thought about going to Connersville, Ind., to listen to James White and Deer Creek, then there’s Coon Hunters at Hamilton. I am sure no one missed me.

Saturday evening I went to Richwood Opry to listen to two bluegrass bands, Nightflyer and East Fork Junction. Both bands are good.

Jennifer Collins had planned on going with me, but her car went on the blink so she couldn’t make it. Maybe some other time we can get together.

I talked to my brother Richie for a while as he and Wanda took a little drive to some yard sales.

Hello to my sister Loretta Church and everyone at Letcher Manor Nursing Home, and hello to my brother Jerry Hall and Mattie.

Gwen Huff Farmer had an unexpected visit from her son and his wife. As he was talking to Gwen on the cell phone he was ringing her doorbell at the same time.

Shirley Wells, I hope you are doing alright.

I haven’t talked to Ann Calihan this week so I guess I better call her to make sure she has been practicing her Rooster Song for Letcher County Day.

Final touches are being made for Letcher County Day Picnic as Sept. 24 is just around the corner. Harrison Community Center, 300 George Street, Harrison, Ohio 12-? Bring a covered dish and beverage, and if you play music bring your instrument.

Chuck from Circleville, I just happened to think I have never gotten back with you so I will call.

I received a comment from Phyliss Caudill, who worked for years at the post office in Roxana. It seems as if that little rural post office in Roxana is about to become a thing of the past. I don’t know how long this particular post office has been in effect, but I do remember back to the time Monroe Fields was there and Nora Frazier. Monroe might have just been a substitute worker as he taught school at Mill Branch when I was in first grade under Anna Stuart. I do remember when postage stamps were three cents.

Now someone has decided there’s not a need for small post offices in several places. Roxana Post Offi ce serves the areas of Mill Branch, Tolson and several other little branches that I really don’t know since I have been away from there so many years. Please attend any and every meeting that is connected to this, and if it does any good write letters, give me an address and I will do my share from this end.

Phyliss thanked me for writing about Roxana. That little place will always be home in my heart no matter how far I should ever roam. That is why I would hate to see the post office gone. Besides I am sure there are several older people who can’t get to Whitesburg or wherever would be designated for mail to be sent.

Well I better get this on its way. Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, phone: 513-367 4682.

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