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Try to remember why we celebrate

Hello everyone. Hope you had a most joyous Christmas with family and friends and I hope the Jolly Old Man in the red suit filled your stockings with everything you wanted. But most of all I hope you remembered the reason we celebrate this holy season.

Red is still very sick and we aren’t planning anything special but I’m sure the families will be stopping by sometime during the holiday.

We have received so many beautiful Christmas cards and from the bottom of my heart I want to say, “Thank you”, to each and every one who sent one. Red can’t read them at this time so I tell him who they are from and making sure I keep them for him to read later. Our love and prayers to all and also to the ones who call.

Thursday morning. Red has really had a bad night, was up with him from 1:30 till 3:00 and had to get up again at 4:00 and this time I just got dressed. Nephew Rick and Joyce are on their way over. Don’t know what I would do without him. He’s an EMT with the fire department, certified LPN, just needs to take his finals to be licensed and only two or three courses to be an RN. He knows what the doctors are talking about and can explain it in my kind of language. Been a really rough day but by the grace of God we’ll make it and be alright.

Georgia had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I’m hoping to hear from her before Catharine shows up. Catharine seems to be doing some better, but like the rest of us she has some down days. Valerie is now driving some for which I am very thankful. Bill and Redia have both been by today but at different times. Northeast Ohio

Some of our great grandchildren stopped by yesterday and said they would be by Sunday for a short visit.

I’m still trying to get all their gifts ready, not that I’m giving them as much as in other years. Just that I have to do when I can. Not wrapping, using Christmas bags.

Richard, Georgia and their daughter-in-law, Joyce just left after a good visit. Can’t give any news about Georgia at this time. She pulled one of my boo-boos, wrote wrong day for appointment, has to go back tomorrow.

Talked to Jeanie, she’s not having an easy time but is still very upbeat. No complaints from her and here I’m sounding as though I’m having a pity party. Sorry!

Need to end this as it’s time for Catharine to pop in. Y’all enjoy the holiday season and wishing for all a blessed new year. Love and prayers.

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