Whitesburg KY
Partly sunny
Partly sunny

Trying to get moved

Hello everyone! Hoping all is well. I fell and hurt my shoulder. It’s doing some better now.

Glad Oma Hatton is home and doing better. My brother Archie Fields is in the hospital at Whitesburg. Keep him in prayer.

Mike got out of the nursing home on Monday and went back to his apartment. He is walking on his own and doing well.

I am having one obstacle after another trying to get moved, but if it is God’s will I will get up there soon.

Lanceton is five months old now and I know he wants to see Grammy so she can spoil him. Ha, ha.

Supposed to get my top dentures, thanks to donations from two different people whom I won’t name. I appreciate it.

Prayers go out to Andy Cook’s family. He was in a serious ATV accident on Cowan and is on life support.

Please pray for Matt Hahn’s family. He was injured badly in an accident. His five-year-old son, Matt Jr., was killed and a lady from Columbus, Ind. was killed. Keep all those families in prayer.

Also, remember Donald Stacy’s family. He was a nephew to my friend Bill Stacy, and they need your prayer, plus a young lady, a mother of two young kids died. I think her last name is Miller. They both died last week.

I have several friends who requested prayer, Morris Hackney, Carolyn Taylor, Darrell Holbrook and Brenda Stone.

Happy birthday to Jimmy Craft on Aug. 1; Johnny Collier on Aug. 3; Diana Boggs Gilley on Aug. 4; Ellen King on Aug. 5; and Irene Day will be 88 on Aug. 6, and God bless you with many more.

Big Cowan

Evelyn Day will celebrate Aug. 8; Destiny Maggard will be “Sweet 16” and Logan Dollarhide will also celebrate on Aug. 9; Brandon Wilson on Aug. 11; my sister Kathy Wolfe will be 63 on Aug. 12, and I’m just about to catch up with her.

Pam Fields and David Tyler will celebrate birthdays on Aug. 12. I hope all of you have a great day, and belated birthday wishes to Dillon Lankford last week, when he turned 12.

Happy 11th anniversary to Kim and Roger Hopkins on Aug. 5. Somebody bring me cake and ice cream. Ha, ha.

Sure enjoyed the rain on Saturday and Sunday. My granddaughter Ashley said to send it to her. It was 104° on Sunday.

Well hoping everyone has a blessed and wonderful week. Attend the church of your choice and call someone and make their day, or go visit.

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