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Turkey dinner was followed by games


June Webb celebrated her birthday on December 2.

June Webb celebrated her birthday on December 2.

I hope everybody had as much to eat at Thanksgiving as we did at Mom’s. I love it when people come back for seconds, but when the kids do it, you know it was good. I think I might have mastered Dorothy Tacket’s corn even. The kids call it Mamaw Tacket’s corn. She taught us how to just cut it off the cob and just cut about half the tops of the kernels off. Then after it’s all cut off, go in the opposite direction raking your knife back down it and get all that good juice off. If you cut too far down into it, you get the end of the kernel and it isn’t near as good or juicy.

Anyway, we had the most delicious turkeys. The first one was at Charles and Jenny Lynn Yonts’s house on Thursday and then Mom’s house on Friday. (Don’t worry there wasn’t a big group of people, and these are people we have been around all this year.) Josh and Martina Yonts taught us last year how to fix a turkey. People may have been doing this for years and we just didn’t know about it. You use an injector and put the mixture into it before you bake it. We also use a roaster instead of the oven, but I’m sure the oven would be fine too. So, I got my sister Delores to do Mom’s like that this year and it was so, so good. Everybody wanted to know what she did to it. We always have a ham for Christmas so I’ll have to search and see if you can inject them too. I’m already looking forward to it.

Miranda Begley Sturgill is pictured with her husband Rick Sturgill. She will have a birthday December 5.

Miranda Begley Sturgill is pictured with her husband Rick Sturgill. She will have a birthday December 5.

As always, after our delicious meal we had lots of different games going on, from checkers, Blockus, Connect 4, and finally a good ole Rook game. We finally broke in my grandson Seth to Rook and I think he liked it. We had to play it again Saturday night. Ricky Mason and myself were the overall champs. I surely do enjoy our family gatherings, but like I said last week, we surely do miss Daddy.

I was whining to my sisters, Charlene and Delores, about not having anything to report in the column anymore because of the virus and our lack of activities going on in the area. Delores said I should remind all the whiners how much we have to be thankful for even in these rough, boring, COVID days. She sure knows how to put me in my place.

Tina Greene McElroy stands with her daughters Melena Outlaw and Mandy Stamper. Tina McElroy’s birthday was November 30.

Tina Greene McElroy stands with her daughters Melena Outlaw and Mandy Stamper. Tina McElroy’s birthday was November 30.

We were talking about how hard our Mom and Dad had it when they were growing up and first married. Mom grew up without any electricity and even no hand pump in the house. All their water had to be carried to the house from the well. I remember when we moved into a house on Colson that Dad rented from Maude Richardson, they were saying how lucky they were that the well was right off the back porch.

She had four children to cook and clean for in that house. Daddy worked in the mines so can you imagine having to wash his clothes? So, just think how blessed we are to have water running right in our sinks and washers and bathtubs. Mom’s mom, Dora Pennington, had a hand pump on her sink and a well off the kitchen porch. I thought she was rich with that big beautiful hand pump right there in the house. I can still taste that well water when I think about it.

And then there’s this natural gas furnace in Mom’s house. You talk about being blessed, it sure is a blessing to just move a little lever on a thermostat whenever it’s not the right temperature to suit you, and voila, like magic, it does whatever you want it to. No carrying in wood, or coal, or chopping wood, or taking out the ashes. I’m thinking maybe we are getting spoiled, naah.

In the mornings when we first got up we all had our spots on the furnace vent where we would either sit or stand and get warm. Also, while we watched TV or waited for Mom to get supper on the table. Oh, to go back and live some of those days over! Mom always says, “Thank God for my good warm house!”

You know it’s hard to imagine that the God that created this big beautiful universe, knows our names and cares about our troubles and trials. He knows what is best for us, and one day we are going to live with Him in eternity. So, whatever our hardships may be right now, think about that for a minute. Whether you are grieving over a recently lost loved one, and I know there are so many that will be spending their first Christmas without someone near and dear to them, or a loved one that has passed not so recently that is still fresh on their hearts, just remember we will see them again.

With that being said, I would like to remind you once again to please remember our pastor, Bill Jones, and his whole family as the trial date comes closer. Their hearts are still broken and they all need your prayers.

The Yonts family lost a loved one Saturday. My sister-in-law, Ruth Sandlin Yonts passed away Saturday the 28th at 78 years of age. The one thing I remember the most about her is she never let you leave her house without giving you something. She loved to go to yard sales and flea markets and most of the things in her house were found this way. She would make sure you left with some kind of Home Interior picture or some little trinket of some kind. Tonight at the funeral home I saw her preacher, Preacher Bill Craft, do something that broke my heart. My nephew Shane reached out to shake his hand and Bill had to refuse it because of this virus. Her husband George and all her children and grandchildren desire your prayers.

Another prayer request I need to mention is for Ray Smith. He is one of the singers in the group Master’s Harmony. He had knee replacement surgery and is having some complications.

Lots of birthdays were mentioned on Facebook this past week. Some of those are Judy Blair on the 27th, Lesley Terry on the 29th, Tina Greene McElroy on the 30th, Lisa Sexton on the 1st, Robin Bowen Watco and June Webb on the 2nd, Jeanette Elswick Sexton and Celesta Richardson Riffe both on the 3rd and Miranda Begley Sturgill will celebrate on the 5th.

I wonder what Oma Hatton would do about church now if she were still alive. I’d say she would put on her mask and be there, if her children would let her. Lots of children are advising their parents to stay home and taking care of their groceries and such. I can understand that. I am looking forward to the day when we can all say, “Remember when we couldn’t shake hands at church? Remember when we all had to stay six feet away from each other?” If you can, find you a church this Sunday, just be sure and social distance and wear those masks.

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