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Turkey season nears; are you ready?

Struttin’ Time:

Turkey hunters, beware, our time of the year is almost here.

It has already started in Florida, although I passed up on that turkey hunt this year to hunt moose in October. Gone are the days when I would spend almost all the month of March in Florida following the wild boar, alligator and the Osceola turkey. I am headed for black bear, grizzly, and moose.

I hunt black bear again in September in Maine, moose in October, and head for my firstever Alaska hunt for grizzly in the spring of next year. But for now, we need to talk some about the upcoming turkey season in Kentucky. I have done some extensive scouting in Letcher County, and have found the turkey population on the upside.

I want to stop here and say thank you to the good people of Letcher County for not poaching, and letting the turkey have a chance to expand and grow. I have seen turkey every trip into the county. If you get into the woods, you should be able to fill both tags.

Although I will live with the stupid law, that requires you kill only one turkey a day. That doesn’t mean I like it.

I will be heading to North Carolina on April 6. Their season opens on the 8th, then leave on the 10th heading to Kansas. In Kansas, as long as you have the proper paperwork, you can pull the trigger. In the fall season, that is four, in the spring, two.

Their season opens in the middle of the week always on a Wednesday, this year on the 12th. I hope to get me a couple more Rio’s hunting with the same outfitter and guide that I have used for 17 years.

I need to get everyone started toward opening day. I have cleaned my shotgun, sanded my slate calls, chalked my box calls, straightened my turkey vest, so I know where everything I need is when I need it. I have put new batteries in my flashlights, put water in my vest, and tried on my clothes to make sure they still fit.

Season will be here before we know it. It won’t wait on us. Are you ready?

In the time from now till we actually go after our quarry, talk to the child you will be hunting with to get and keep them fired up.

You can take this down time and ensure a good hunt, or rush around the night before and forget half your hunting equipment the next morning.

I’m ready, are you?

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