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Turkeys weren’t for eating

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving with a well-loaded table and stomach. I hope everyone took a moment to reflect on all that they had to be thankful for and to remember those less fortunate, especially all the little children.

Our Thanksgiving advertisements depict a big, plump turkey all dressed out and ready to be carved. I wonder if a turkey was the main course of the Pilgrims’ meal or if that is just a figment of the imagination of someone. Who is to say which is true?

As a lad growing up, we had a turkey gobbler and a hen, and we raised a few, but I don’t ever remember eating any turkey on Thanksgiving or any other time. I have no idea what they did with them. I suppose they died of old age.

We had some guinea fowl too, and man they could fly like a hawk, but they made good watchdogs. If anything came around, day or night, they would sure let you know and sound the alarm.

I had never eaten turkey until I went into the Army. We had turkey one time, and I got a drumstick. Boy, was I in for a surprise. It seemed like every bite I took I got a bone in my mouth. I thought that turkey leg was busted all to pieces, and that was why there were so many bones in it. I didn’t eat it and never tried any more turkey for over 10 years, and I made sure I didn’t get the leg.

I still don’t care for turkey, but if I eat any I want the dark meat, whether it is turkey or chicken. But even though the leg is dark meat, I still don’t want any turkey legs.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is a good time for family and friends to get together and be merry and catch up on the latest gossip, but I don’t like reunions because there so much bragging goes on. I am what I am and nothing more. I could care less how important or well off people are, or think they are.

And that’s all from the funny farm until next time.

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