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Turner stood with teachers, retirees

Legislators returned to Frankfort last Friday and Saturday for the final two days of session — and we were not alone. Teachers and retirees were back at the Capitol, dressed in their red shirts, rallying for public education.

This session, as with all my sessions in Frankfort, I was a strong advocate for our public schools and for all those in education who have dedicated their careers and lives to our students. I stood with teachers and retirees as they fought for their pension benefits. I supported funding for transportation, SEEK and other fundamental needs. And, I applauded their participation in the democratic process as they continued to come to Frankfort to have their voices heard. On Friday, in particular, they came from all regions of the state — in great numbers.

As a retired educator, administrator and coach, I appreciated them showing their concern for our students and our public education system.

However, the voices of those who came to Frankfort to rally for education were not the only ones I heard. I am grateful to all my constituents, especially those of you who contacted me by phone, letter or email to share your input on the many issues that came before us. I could not do my job as effectively without your ideas, suggestions and viewpoints. I am in the Kentucky State Senate to serve you and I always strive to represent your best interests.

I also appreciate all the support that you have given me this year throughout my time in the Senate. I have always tried to be accessible. Many of the issues you contacted me about are now laws or on the way to becoming laws. Others may have to be revisited in an upcoming session.

I try to keep in mind that every issue does not affect every person, but every issue is important to those that it does affect. So, thank you for being engaged in the big issues and the lesser-publicized topics. They are all important to someone and I need to know if that someone is you.

Committee meetings won’t begin again until June, as we will turn our attention to the 2019 Legislative Session.


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