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Turners have overnight visitor

Big Cowan

Hello everyone! Hoping all had a good week.

Cannot believe it is the end of April already. It has been a fairly nice week. Hope May turns out to be a good month. Loving all the trees and flowers in bloom, not liking the allergies that come with it.

I saw some neighbors the other day in Pikeville, Alma and Lester Tindall and Lester’s brother, also Chip Boggs. I had a nice chat with them in the waiting room at Pikeville Wound Care. Mike is now sporting a new wound V.A.C. His foot is looking some better. Melinda is still doing well with her chemo.

So sorry to hear that Jeff Roberts and Stephen Taylor died. I did not know them personally. I knew Jeff ’s parents, the late Doug and Kat Roberts, and Stephen’s mother-in-law, Ruth Sturgill Dollarhide. He was married to her daughter Amy. My sympathy goes to both families.

My namesake Michelle Christine Niese will be getting married Saturday in Dayton, Ohio. Hate that I have to miss the wedding. Hoping she and Tim Holbert will have an everlasting love .

Happy birthday to Agnes Maggard. She will be 67 on May 5. Frank Fields of Neon will be 65 on May 7. Hoping both of you have a great day.

Talked to Audrey Hammonds on the phone. She went to the doctor to have that scope done because of stomach problems. The doctor thinks her problems are caused by not taking enough prednisone. Hopefully she gets straightened up.

Hard to believe it is time for the prom already. My youngest granddaughter went on Saturday night at North Decatur in Greensburg, Ind. Cannot believe she is 16 already. They grow up so fast. Love ya, Michaela, and hope you had a good time.

Saw Irene and Jay Turner the other day. They had an overnight visitor (a bear) who left tracks or paw prints all over his Jeep. That was awfully close to their home. Glad the bear decided not to go in their home. They are both doing pretty well healthwise.

I went to the Big Cowan Old Regular Baptist Church union meeting on Sunday and they had dinner afterward. Saw several people I knew. It was a really good service.

Well folks, gotta go and get this turned in. It was good seeing Ruth Frazier, Doanie Roark, Opal and Cassell Boggs, Diana Gilley, Terry and Daisy Boggs, Coleman day, Romona Raleigh and several others at church.

Keep someone in prayer. Attend the church of your choice. May God bless each and every one. Until next time.

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